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Do they help male victims too? Or do they only help women?


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It's a tough question to answer. They don't really have a core function so some of their projects benefit men and some of them are women only. Undeniably they lean more toward helping female victims than male victims but there are incidental benefits to male victims. Personally, I don't have a problem with that. I don't object to giving money to a charity that helps one group of people on the grounds that they don't help another group. I do understand that some of you do have that objection though. I don't have a problem with that and I don't really want to derail the whole thing and turn it into an argument about feminism.

For those who don't like the particular charity, I'd urge you to find a DV charity whose views you do approve of. Here are a few for men:





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That's one of the best reactions I've seen to that question, really shows how good the Fph community is. Instead of the tirade I usually see for someone suggesting that mens' shelters should exist it's a logical and reasonable response.


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Always look up the IRS Form 990 before you donate! Find out how much of your donated money goes to actual services as opposed to salaries and admin costs.


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Fair and level-headed reply. Agreed 100%


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Even if it is a woman's DV foundation, finding and donating to a male one is far more than Tess would ever do. (And,more importantly, you'd be helping people)


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If each of us chips in $10 (I know that won't happen) we contribute almost a quarter of a million dollars. More than Tess could've even if she wasn't a lying bitch.

The donate link is: http://www.ncadv.org/takeastandmain/contribute/donate-tas

Let's show the world that as well as hating fat people, we're good people. Post pictures of your donation receipts and lets see how far we can get, then lets share it to Tess' page and expose her for the hypocritical bitch that she is.


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Reminds me of when GamerGate used to fund projects. Here's some things that could be learned from that:

  • Realistically, you're not going to get everyone to donate. Even if it were something simple like "send an email," you wouldn't get everyone to participate

  • If you mean "the world" as slanderous media or the hamplanets/SJWs that try to push FA, then you're fighting a lost cause. SJWs and FA advocates are idiots that don't think critically about what they're told, instead relying on emotional reasoning and "feefees." Media outlets that pander to these idiots aren't going to stop pandering to them because covering a single story isn't worth offending and alienating half of your userbase, a half that's almost so gullible that you barely even have to produce quality work to see a profit.

And most of all...

  • That's okay. The fact is that you're already done more than Tess has by donating even a single dollar. Most of the people who are reasonable enough to be swayed by the act could be swayed by presenting a rational argument of why the HAES movement is based on misinformation and ultimately harmful to anyone that participates in it, with obesity being something that shouldn't be celebrated.


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Realistically, you're not going to get everyone to donate

That's okay. I'd be happy to get 10 of us. 100 would be nice. But anything is more than what she's done.

As for the rest, I know we're not changing anybody's mind by doing something good. But it would be nice for us, and for the people who don't have a dog in the fight, to be able to know and say that we did the right thing when she and they wouldn't. I think that's the kind of community we are, a community of mostly good people.


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Don't donate to the NCADV. They use most, if not all of their revenue, on employee salaries and other administrative costs:


Usually your local domestic violence shelter is better at using the donated funds. Always check the IRS Form 990 before donating!


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Am I losing it or did this comment originally say the opposite? I've already donated so it's too late for me but would you care to suggest an alternative or two for people who might still want to?


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I originally stated the opposite because I was fooled by the summary provided by GuideStar. "Program Services" is very misleading. GuideStar reported that NCADV used 73% of funds towards "Program Services" but a deeper look into the IRS 990 shows that all of that money went into salaries, wages, compensation, and admin costs, and NONE of it went to grants to individuals or NGOs or services provided.

EDIT: The Shade Tree (local DV shelter in Vegas) is an organization I donated to. Here's their 990 (shows $600K went towards grants for individuals):



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<3 <3 that's a Amazing idea! <3<3 I'll see if there's a way to pay with PayPal.


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There is an option to donate via paypal.

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Well, even if we are not fundraisers...I still think it's worthwhile cause, so here's my contribution.

And Fuck Tess!


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Thanks. Some of these replies were starting to make me feel a bit silly.


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Ever since the BooGGeyman was born a year ago, the dumblrettas learned another canned line that no doubt will be used against any FPH donation: "weaponizing charity"

Mark my fucking words. It is the Word of the Lard passed to you by the Massiah Beetus Crisco. Amen.


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I just donated 25$ to Planned Parenthood today after seeing protestors outside their office


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Let's not, she is just going to take credit claiming that she did not donated directly but she encouraged others to do so.

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