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That first point made me laugh!

As a disabled girl, my entire fucking life revolves around the fact that my husband can pick me up when needed!!

I have ceiling hoists at home but in the real world those things don't exist. My husband regularly has to pick me up to move me around.

We were at the hospital today for an ultrasound due to an infection in my feeding tube stoma. The awesome nurse came in to ask if we'd need a hoist to put me on the table and when he saw it was me, he was like "Oh! Hey sweetheart! Just came to see if you need the hoist but clearly not! Does your new powered wheelchair recline really well? If it reclines enough then we can scan you in your chair, save your husband lifting you!"

He knew instantly that they wouldn't have to wait around and locate a hoist. Even if my chair couldn't recline enough (it does) then my husband is perfectly capable of picking me up and putting me onto the examination table for them.

Landwhales complain that they wait forever and get treated badly but that's because the poor hospital staff have to locate a crane and extra staff to move them before they can even attempt to help them!

Thin privilege is being small enough to be picked up by one person (or at the most two for taller people!)


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Dang girl, every time I read your comments, I just feel so humbled. You are so matter of fact about life. "Yeah, I'm disabled. What of it?" You are further proof that fat people lie to themselves most of all.

I do hope you are well and that this BS with your stoma can be resolved as quickly as possible.


[–] SkinnyMcShitlord 0 points 21 points (+21|-0) ago 

Awwww, thanks honey! *big hugs* You got it right though, I really do live like that!

I don't really have a choice, I just look at it as "I'm not dead yet, good enough for me!"

The nature of my genetic mutation means that shit is going to hit the fan on a regular basis. All I can do is clean it up and keep going!!

People ask "how do you cope?" but I always feel like "well what choice do I have?! It's cope or die!"

Fat fucks really piss me off, especially as I spend so much time on the gastro ward at the hospital, surrounded by people that seem determined to eat themselves to death!! I would kill to have the opportunities that they have to fix their issues. It makes me furious that so many just make excuses!

Thank you so much!! I'm hoping that things will heal up as if not then I'm in for a world of trouble.

Hope you're doing okay? Thanks again though, it's nice to know that people give a fuck!!


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Yeah! your posts are touching. :)


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Rock on Shitlady!


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I will :D Thank you!!

*High Five!*


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I've never seen the word "hoist" in my life. (I'm german) Today I've seen it twice!