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"See? We eat the same! We each have these things called meals! Not only that, we each have 'Breakfast' in the morning, 'Lunch' only an hour or so after we eat, then we each eat 'Dinner' at night! We even have 'Snacks" throughout the day! See, we eat the same things. It's just impossible for me to lose weight because clearly I got all the bad genetics from our parents."


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Who are both normal weight btw- and not just that but my Dad used to run marathons despite a chronic bad back, and my Mom once slipped on ice and fractured two vertebrae in her neck (although no spinal cord damage thank fuck) and even then she didn't pile on much weight. Maybe 5 pounds tops from a year in a metal brace unable to perform even normal daily tasks? They aren't shitlords and they do spoil her because she's the baby, but they aren't lazy or greedy or fat. They've brought her to every dietician they can find, and she's been gifted dozens of gym/fitness class memberships but she's just a greedy lazy shit.


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I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to imply your parents were fat. I was taking in that because you've said that both you and your pregnant sister weren't overweight, and that you made no mention of either your parents being overweight nor that you and pregnant sister were overweight as children (especially seeing how how your sister raises her own children; ie. the fish pie), you were probably raised with a proper diet. That and I was tying in the circlejerk "genetics" excuse to the post; as well as my own personal experience where my sister did end up getting all the bad genetics from my parents (Acid reflux; lactose intolerance, IBD, and probably about another 15 allergies that are common across my family pool) whereas I got no of those problems.

But again, sorry if I came across as insulting your parents.


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And remember, mass+energy conservation is a total myth. You couldn't possibly compensate for a more efficient metabolism by eating less than others.


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But what about second breakfast?