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Ragen is 'only' Class 3 obese, since they stopped counting at three. Class 1 is from 30-35, Class 2 is from 35-40 and Class 3 is 40 upwards. If they continued she would be almost Class 5. A BMI so ridiculous the creator of the classification didn't even bother putting it in. A tool to measure failure in kg/m^2, and they thought: Well, nobody is that bad.

I present to you: Ragen, 'professional' 'athlete' and 'IronMan-Participant', and a failure so big, people whose job was to measure failure didn't include her in the scale.


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Despite how with this style of classification, it's really fucking obvious how they're unhealthy...
Of course, BMI is the work of the devil scientists who want to oppress the healthy fats. /s


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Which is why I have when they use body builders of professional athletes as a way to "dispute" the BMI. It's like, taking a step back from the science of it all, you can look at these two body shapes and automatically pick out which one isn't healthy.


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Fuck. You're a fucking asshole, an impressive level of asshole. Go to prom with me?