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They're only there to eat the unhealthy lardtastic food that's at every carnival and amusement park.


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and to complain about how the rides do not accommodate them.

My back is messed up so guess what? I don't go to overpriced theme parks to just watch other people go on rides (Even if I wanted to, I can't eat most food because of intolerances and allergies) and I certainly don't complain that rides are not made for People Like Me... I could go on the kiddy rides, so those are kinda made for me, heh.

Fatties should go take a ride on THIS.


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Thank you for saying this. I have fucked up feet / heels and cant stand in lines at all, not even for 5 minutes. Guess what? I dont go to amusement parks. I could go to my doctor and get a note in a heartbeat, but why? Save it for others...


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The entire time I was watching that, I thought that the use of the term "euthanasia machine" was meant tongue in cheek. It wasn't until the end when I released that that roller coaster is actually intended to kill people. . .

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Remember when Fred flintstone ordered a brontosaurus leg in this car and then it flips over? I always think of that when I see a fatty gnawing on a leg in their scooty.