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[–] cynoclast 1 points 86 points (+87|-1) ago 

That's a speed that difficult/impossible to walk at for someone in shape. But it's also a really slow/uncomfortable run.

OP's chair moves at that annoying speed that NPCs in escort quests do...


[–] fabulousalpaca 1 points 29 points (+30|-1) ago 

Those goddamn NPC's. The bane of my gaming. They're either uncomfortably slow, or they run ahead. And the run aheads are always "This NPC must survive." WELL THEN HE SHOULDN'T RUN AHEAD DAMNIT.


[–] Eddbro 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

There's a reason for that. They will move quicker than you walking speed, but slower than your running. That way you can adjust your tempo and they won't be too far behind/ahead. I remember reading an article about this. Fuck I can be bothered to look it up


[–] FPHrefugee [S] 0 points 15 points (+15|-0) ago 

it has five speeds, I usually stay on the third speed which is a nice quick walking pace.


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Just want to say you have a sweet chair, OP! Makes for a perfect getaway chair for shitlording. :)

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Maybe, maybe not. I'll do about that pace if I want to run at a sustainable pace. It's at my border between walking and running, which is annoying.

I'm a shit runner and I rarely run. So, at least you are not alone.