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So true!

I hadn't even considered it to that extent but your comment just inspires an even greater level of loathing for this vile, greedy bastard!

I'm not sure I could even begin to articulate how viciously furious these kinds of people make me feel!

There are billions on this earth that would kill for even the tiniest fraction of what this guy has in life. Hell, many would kill for just a sliver of the health he's so selfishly thrown away in favour of stuffing his face!!

He deserves no sympathy for what he's chosen to do to his body and he certainly doesn't deserve sympathy for the fact that his body makes it hard for him to live the incredibly lucky life he's been handed!!


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This guy is awful. I first heard of him when he "tried" to lose weight. Of course he completely failed. He is a weak-willed sloth that fishes for pity from the lake of his own tears. Hell I wonder if he intentionally fails just to evoke more pity.

I had a friend who wasn't expected to live beyond 25. He was a musician, performed for the leader of our country, and settled into his dream job making video games. Managed to almost make it to 30. Nicest guy I knew. Scraped for everything he had in life. My buddy didn't have half the chances this fat fuck just throws away and bitches about.