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This guy makes me want to fucking scream!!

He acts as though he's fucking amazing just for getting out of his house and riding a mobility scooter around some place that millions of much healthier people would kill to be invited to.

He acts as though he should be pitied for needing a scooter to carry out this "once in a lifetime" opportunity. As though he doesn't deserve to be shamed and embarrassed by the fact that he needs a scooter to do it!!

You know what, you disgusting, fat cunt... you are not fucking inspiring or amazing for doing something you found embarrassing when you caused that all by yourself!!

You are not special because you "managed" to go and do that despite your "condishuns"!!

You did that to your fucking self and you wouldn't have those problems or need your "embarrassing" scooter if you hadn't eaten so fucking much in the first place.

Stop trying to pretend that leaving your home is admirable because of your size, you cunt!

I am actually fucking disabled and I am actually mostly housebound (in fact, mostly bedbound) as a result of a real genetic disorder.

I have literally ZERO FUCKING CHOICE about my broken body and the fact that I'll die young!

I didn't put myself into a powered wheelchair. I didn't eat myself into spending so much time in bed. I didn't decide to satisfy my base instincts until I destroyed my own body and nor did I cause the excruciating pain I live with every fucking day!

It fucks me off that hams act like they're so fucking hard off and that doing normal, everyday things is admirable because they did it while fat!!

Get fucked, you disgusting fucking whale!! I would kill to have been born with the body you were born with!! The fact that said body is now useless is a direct result of your shitty, gluttonous choices!!

You are not on par with all those people that have no say regarding their fucked up bodies!

Fuck off and die!!

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[–] SkinnyMcShitlord 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

So true!

I hadn't even considered it to that extent but your comment just inspires an even greater level of loathing for this vile, greedy bastard!

I'm not sure I could even begin to articulate how viciously furious these kinds of people make me feel!

There are billions on this earth that would kill for even the tiniest fraction of what this guy has in life. Hell, many would kill for just a sliver of the health he's so selfishly thrown away in favour of stuffing his face!!

He deserves no sympathy for what he's chosen to do to his body and he certainly doesn't deserve sympathy for the fact that his body makes it hard for him to live the incredibly lucky life he's been handed!!


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Don't hold back dude let him know how you really feel!


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I mean it though. These fat fucks piss me off so badly!

I would literally kill to have been born with a healthy body and it makes me fucking rage that vacuous, vile eatbeasts expect sympathy when their situation is entirely their own making!!

They can all go and fuck themselves sideways, with a cactus, in every orifice they can still find between their revolting mounds of lard!!