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Dude! Read the rules!!

You fucked up majorly, you're gonna have to prove that you have a BMI under 25 or the banhammer is coming down!

The most important rule of FPH is "no fatties".

The fat acceptance movement uses the terms skinny-fat or small-fat to mean "less than 300lbs"... Meaning the people that use those terms are definitely fat and not welcome here!!

If you're a healthy weight (BMI under 25 unless you're solid muscle and a BMI outlier) but you just don't have definition then you're not "skinny-fat". You're fucking normal, just not ripped!

If you don't post some kind of verification pic you're probably going to get yourself banned for being fat (i don't think you have to show your face, just post a body pic in your comment with a piece of paper saying "FPH" along with your username and the date.)

If you are fat, then fuck off, we don't want your kind here, we certainly don't want you to fucking tell us about your fatness, it's disgusting! If you're fat then fuck off, you don't belong here, not until you reach a normal weight!!

Even then, nobody cares if you used to be fat and lost weight, this sub is not a motivation sub, it's about hating fat fucks. All of them, even if they're trying to lose weight!!


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I'm 5'10", 170 pounds. Mostly muscle except for a bit of a belly. Like I said, it still has definition. I've never weighted more than 180 and even then, it's when I was stronger. I'm not fat, nor have I ever been fat. I figured this sub would know what skinny fat means. It's just a bit out of shape. If anyone can tell me how to post a pic on here, I will. I just don't know how. I only have my phone to use as I don't use work computers for this site.

Again, I'm not terribly concerned. I know I'm not remotely fat so if I get banned, it won't be the end of my world.


[–] SkinnyMcShitlord 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Use and follow the instructions to upload a pic. Preferably take one now with you holding the "FPH, username, date" thing on some paper to prove it's you.

Once you've done so, copy the link and then click edit on your original post. Paste the link and save it.

It sounds like you belong here but unfortunately we've been bombarded with fatties trying to attack our sub and the term skinny-fat really doesn't mean what you think it means, at least not here!

You're either a "shitlord" (normal person with a BMI under 25) or you're fat (BMI over 25.)

Skinny-fat, small-fat, any variation on fat = FAT. If you're not fat then don't use any term that includes the word fat or implies that you're fat (curvy, chubby, chunky etc.) because you're not!