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If you're looking for sympathy it's between shit and syphilis in the dictionary 🐷.

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You don't need to be exercising to eat less, quit making excuses you sound like an eatbeast

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Is this MazzyStar again be honest.

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How embarrassing, to air your lack of self control and your excessive weight, to this of all groups. I'm feeling second hand embarrassment over here on a situation I can't even empathize with. Maybe it's just me, but it's not just people being fat that I can't stand, it's what they do, how they get there, their lack of quality character traits. Excuses, lack of self control, false superiority because "at least I'm not as fat as them!", empty promises to work out and eat better, all for show instead of just silently doing it and seeing results. Was that a little harsh? Thinking it might have been. Simply the only type of response I'd expect and find reasonable if I were to post something like that.

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How long has that been a thing?

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About four years now

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Not your support group to chat. Take it to the other sub.

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Didnt realise there was another sub...

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but you did realize this was fat ... people .... hate.

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good to catch it early, bmi 22 is not fat but it shows a bigger pattern that needs nipping in the bud. agree that its not ~exactly~ on topic but i can see where you are coming from, fats will spew excuses past bmi 25 and rarely start making changes below bmi 30 (if ever)

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no sympathy