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Nice to see that NASA has already planted its flag on that planet. (And you can bet your ass she's one of those "I fuckin' LOVE science" posers, but REEEEs about calories being unscientific)

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Came here to say that. Claims to be into science but has cognitive dissonance when it comes to nutrition.

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The shitty Facebook page full of half assed, click-bait "Scientific" articles right?

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Nail > head.

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the one human in this picture is probably wishing she could be anywhere else in the world at this point. the stench from the fats overpowers the literal farm animals.

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I assume she's hanging out with them because they make her mannish, acne covered face infinitely more attractive by comparison. See u/fatbreaker's comment.

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Eh hang on dude, she can't control her facial bone structure and there's only so much you can do for blemishes. She's doing very well on what she is able to control, her weight. Kinda shitty to be nasty about her facial structure and skin.

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The fat cow in the background is thinking “what will this turkey do to my PCOS?”

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The blonde is hot and the fats hate her. I really love to see a slim girl near fatties,because they care a lot.

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Big birds visit turkeys.

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The turkeys aren't the only ones pictured that gobble, gobble, gobble.