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One of the comments:

"Do NOT listen to anyone on reddit saying that it's easy to lose weight by counting calories."

Yeah, I guess just counting won't help, you also have to eat fewer of them...

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I like the exchange where the ham tries to say that fat women are better suited to healthy pregnancies. When corrected, she says, "Not to distract from the point..." and goes on about fat doesn't mean ugly

And of course, OP has medical issues which make weight loss all but impossible. yawn

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Her boyfriend commented and someone said "check out your boyfriends comment history". Apparently her boyfriend browses porn subs specifically about "small girls". If that ain't a sign I don't know what is.

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Yup. And look how gross they are.


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Aww, her pigfucker came to defend her. How sweet. retch

Also, I really don't think Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a thing. They should just call it Lazyitis. Anyone else agree?

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Her pigfucker also browses and commented on a NSFW sub where small skinny girls post pics dirty pics. Lmao. He knows the truth.

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I'm not allowed to post on that sub. I made too many comments that they found inappropriate about the weight issue. Apparently calling them repulsive obeasts didn't go over very well. I can still vote, and cast my opinion through that.

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I do so every now and again, amazingly I can still post in there

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New account. Didn't know it was that easy!

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At least there seem to be a few people with working eyesight in there telling her the flat out truth of yes, and there seems to be less pigfuckery turning up too.

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It's one of the only subs where Redditors tell people that they're ugly because they're fat.

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Sadly we will never have the internet be more objective than that, since there are far too many overly nice people seeking internet points, or lower than average standard people seeking repeat validation.

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the abusive relationship was her getting fat and him mentioning it once or twice and then refusing to pay for the insulin she began to need. I'd say he left when he saw her reaction to mentioning the weight gain and then saw her cut her hair and dye it neon.

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T2 beetus at 18? Impressive.

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There have been children as young as 3 who have been given type 2 by their parents. That's a lot of sugar.

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Doesn't the neon hair usually appear around the time they can't even seduce a drunk guy who's been passed over by everyone in the dorm? And even the homeless guy by the liquor store snickers at her?

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Remember to teach your kids about wildlife and how dangerous creatures use bright colours to distract their prey. If they learn this well, your kids will never go near fat chicks or problem haircuts.

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You would think by now they would have realised that neon hair has become a huge warning sign and no one likes it. Then again, you would think they would realise that about being fat.

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Eighteen and already a lost cause. I'm seeing this with more and more women in their twenties. if you can't keep it together in the prime of your life you're going to be a goddamn mess once you hit your early thirties.

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She would be pretty if... today was opposite day.

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