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This was a classic case.

The plaintiff, on right, is suing the defendants, left, for having stolen her ice cream truck. By the time police located the truck, all the ice cream, as well as a large selection of candy bars, was missing.

The defendants do acknowledge having eaten the said items but claim they were forced to eat everything by a midget who was holding them hostage.

Plaintiff claims the midget is related to them.

Defendants say dwarfism doesn't run in their family.

Plaintiff claims there's a second cousin twice removed...

Judge Judy asks Bird to look up the weight limit on the paddy wagon and sends them all to fat camp.

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Oh my god. Any idea what episode? I need to watch it.

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Wait, seriously? That sounds too ridiculous to be real.

(inb4 whooosh if I missed the sarcasm)

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Including the defendant's family? They're all obeasts.

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That's why Judge Judy, in the infinite wisdom sent them all to fat camp.

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I'm not on the pony tale hate crusade.

I love them. I have thick long hair and a pony tail makes everything from fitness to gardening more pleasant.

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The pony tails are tight to compensate for the rest of their bodies which are loose and undefined.

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It's always that scalp tight ponytail, or that idiotic top - knot.

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Do you have long hair? Top knots are the best.

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Top knots should be reserved for dr Seuss characters and toddlers.

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They knew they were going to be on TV and couldn't be bothered to do something with their hair and put on a nice shirt?