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Just a second later he regretted it. A single tear was wept because he knew that he would have walk all the few meters to get more beetus drink and his sugars were already dangerously low. He wasn't sure that he would survive it.

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He looks more or less exactly like I expected. It's also a great example of their low IQ, impulsive nature. The only thing they value is beetus and yet it threw its milkshake away on a whim because it saw someone it didn't like, threw a tantrum, and lost all self-control. That's all it took. Only children do this. Fats should lose their adult rights until they learn to act like adults.

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See, that's what I don't understand either. It's why you see all those fat SJWS protest events and shit, like Trigglypuff. If I don't agree with a speaker, I don't waste my time and I don't go. I don't ruin it for people that actually like them and it's such a waste of energy. Fats (and sjws in general) have such misplaced priorities.

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If they don't mindlessly attack their opponents, how will anyone come to see how reasonable and balanced they are? The popularity of these movements speaks volumes about the number of people who are blindly lead by their emotions and how easily manipulated they are due to this.

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Don't laugh, the poor thing probably went into starvation mode within minutes of throwing his liquid beetus.

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I'm surprised that a ham would do this.

I can see them throwing produce. A bottle of water. But their precious milkshake?

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You think they know where to buy bottles of water from?

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His sentence should be 1 lap in a pool filled with milkshake.

Odds on he will drown before completing half.

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Maybe he’s fat cause he was sitting in wait for the politician to come out? And we all know it’d be rude to throw a warm milkshake on someone?!

Buy one. Sip. Watch it warm up. Finish it up. Get another. Repeat.