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I hate fats. Food is cheap. You can buy cake mix or even pre-made cupcakes for a few bucks. You can have cake whenever you want. Fats steal because they are terrible people with no morals.

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Partially, yes, but moreso - it's because they're like animals. No sense of delayed gratification, no understanding of responsibility and respect for others and things that aren't theirs. They see it, they want it, they get it. Doesn't matter if they could do it without stealing or breaking things or whatever if they'd just wait. The perspective, patience, etc just isn't there.

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The problem with this story is how TF did that fatass not lose his fucking job?

If I worked with him, and he was that obviously taking people's food, I would have called the police on his undoubtedly shit-caked ass. Tubs straight-up admitted to being a fucking thief. He stole right in front of people and acted like it was funny. He destroyed a co-worker's property. And his punishment was, "You have to clean up the mess?" Is the OP serious about his manager being great, because a great manager would have told Obeast to clean out his desk, and don't think he's getting unemployment, either. What the fuck, workplace? What kind of bullshit is that?

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Sadly there are some places that would let you get away with murder, perhaps protocols and litigation prevent them from flat out canning their ass.

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Wondering that too.

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One of the better stories I've read in quite a while.

If it were me, I would start an office rotation where everyone brought an irresistible contribution every day. If it were my turn I would bring something with a strong scent. The aroma wafting through the air would drive the obeast wild.

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How do you not have the shame to pull this shit? Reading this story gave me so much secondhand embarrassment for the fatty.

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This is why shame isn't necessarily a bad thing. While it's terrible and unjust to be ashamed of something you can't actually change, this fatass's behavior is a choice

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More anti-fat office thieves device.

This stuff looks vile.

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This kind of reminds me of a mouse trap. It would be perfect if they could make a spring that snaps into place on his hooves.

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OMG that would be the best!

At first I thought the story would be that he included one of those dye packs, you know like they use in banks? The ones that explode and spray the thief with dye. But an actual trap would be great, too, something like a Chinese fingertrap that would encase Fatty's wrist.

I swear we here ought to be able to come up with something like that, right?

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I'm in!

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Should bring some cupcakes and lace it with laxative =D.

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Noooo, you can't do that!! Please don't ever even try it!

I mean, I agree it would be an awesome and hilarious thing to do, and food-stealing pigs deserve it, but you could actually get arrested for that. It's considered poisoning, and people have gotten in very serious trouble for doing it. (YES, even though it's your food and they stole it. You brought it and left it out to entrap them. You deliberately poisoned them. You can and very possibly will be prosecuted. It is a big deal.)

Now, if you knew they were allergic to something, and you made yourself something with that ingredient, that could work, as long as you can convincingly lie that you brought it for yourself and not to entice them into stealing it and having a reaction, and that you didn't know about their allergy. You might get away with that one. Might.

But no police offer, judge, or jury is going to believe that you honestly planned to eat a laxative-laced cupcake yourself, so you could get in very serious trouble for that one. No fat is worth that kind of trouble.

I'm not posting this to specifically disagree with you, it's more of a public-service message for anyone who might be reading this and considering that as a course of action. Please don't. You could find yourself out of a job and in real legal trouble.

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Good point, I didn't realize thieves could be the victim.

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