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Why are they concerned about his dignity? He hasn’t been for 700+ pounds.

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This is a good plan. When found guilty they simply push him off the dock.

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For some reason I dont think so.

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Does anyone live there? It's open to the public so you should go and take pictures. I struggle to even imagine 900lb. Maybe take some snacks that are very pungent and will waft in his direction. There is a good chance you will see a death.

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Why do they cater to these fucks?? Tell them to be in the courtroom at 9am or get fucked. Can't fit through the door? Guess you're getting put under house arrest where you can't move from your bedroom and nobody is allowed in to bring food to your dumb ass.

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Fats would love house arrest...

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Conspiracy and intent to distribute a pound of cocaine. Seriously? I think that judge is a secret shitlord.

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Meh. They'll just send him back home under house arrest and his life won't change. He sentenced himself to life in one room years ago.

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Pig iron?

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That's 400 kg. Holy shit!