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Yeah happened to a lot of my high school. Girls who wouldn't give me the time of day..now I wouldn't give them the time of day.

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Living well is the best revenge.

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I love not having fat consequence!

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This is what I hate most about fats

I've had to deal with a lot of awful shit- suicides, overdoses, I've been mugged, had long lasting injuries and tons of other shit. I've persevered and made the most of what I could. It ENRAGES me that someone has such an easy life that losing goddamn weight is what you're most proud of. Your life is so easy that you can just eat until you are disgusting. What a charmed, gilded life.

I laugh whenever a fat person dies from their bad habits.

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And on top of all that, they're still fat! I hate when fats show off their accomplishments as though they've really changed anything. Look at me everyone! I'm slightly less of a fatass than I was 6 years ago! Still fat? For sure!!! But praise me none the less!!!1

Fuck. They're embarrassing.

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5'1", starting weight 275lbs, current weight 235lbs. 5 more pounds until I hit my goal! PRAISE ME!!

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And it says this is the most accomplishment it has seen in it's life... It's still obese.

It's accomplishment is not being super obese.

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Exactly. It's a testament to what a moron and loser she is that losing 41 lbs is the most successful thing she's ever done. Her parents must have spoiled her growing up, no wonder she got fat.

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It's disgusting the slags the peak in school.

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She probably stopped doing any sports or cheerleading, and had the funds to go out for all the fast food she wanted.

And also had people that told her to buy new clothing instead of slow down on the food.

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Lemme guess... she lost the weight using [insert pyramid scheme/MLM] and is excited about the program and is now a health coach for them and you get paid doing what she did? If so, Don’t worry she’ll be fatter again soon and then some.

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Its multi level marketing! Sorry you'll lose out while we become millionaires in two months. Haters gon hate when I tell them to buy only $500 worth of the most elite energy drinks in the world. They just don't understand business. I'll soon stop working at Chipotle and be getting head from a model in my lambo while through hundreds out the window.

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My brother's first wife was like this.

A few pounds overweight in high school. A bit heavier in college. Around the third year she ballooned up. After a breakup, she switched schools to be close to him and lost all the weight. They get married and the weight creeps back. Gets pregnant and that's the excuse to blimp out. In later years she's gone back and forth between the the two pics

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Ugh. No wonder she's his FIRST wife.

My husband's ex was similar. A little heavy when they got together, but not too much (he was new to the US, lonely, and with very low self-esteem, and she took full advantage of that). They got married so she could move to the UK with him, and she got pregnant right away...never lost the baby weight and just kept gaining. She became one of those horrible "This is how real women are supposed to look," cunts, as she waved her wide-as-a-football-field ass around (from the waist up she was fairly normal-looking, but from the waist down...she was like a size 8 top and a size 20 bottom. Horrible). He hated it, of course, and of course every time he tried to bring it up or talk about it in response to the bitching she did every day about how she couldn't find clothes that fit or whatever, she hit the roof. You know, that "great personality" that led her to be a pretentious, irritating, rude abuser.

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I think that horrible personality is developed as the weight is put on. They must hate themselves and I think they project their anger at themselves towards others.

My ex SIL popped out two kids in rapid procession and did her best to guilt my brother into staying with her. She is a horrible person who did everything to destroy my brother. A vile obeast.

My brother's story has a happy ending. He has been been married to his second wife for over twenty years and she can still fit into her size two wedding dress. I adore her.

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Shes still 80 lbs obese!!

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Girl power.

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