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You can fucking keep him. Or...we could start a kickstarter or whatever and buy him a ticket to Switzerland. I hear the Dignitas clinic is wonderful this time of year.

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The Americans politely decline your generous offer.

This is Kelsey Reynolds level serious.

I'm hoping to rehome him back to Great Britain.

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At what point are we allowed to say no? Why are these benefit plans so unrestricted? Why is there no contingency for people who have claimed way too much and who clearly don't deserve help? There is never a punishment for being fat outside of being fat. There needs to be a point where they are left to rot.

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Someone build a very strong catapult and hurl him into the sea or a volcano. I saw this ahole on tv a while back. I had no idea he was in America.

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Someone post that scene from Hancock (2008) , where the guy throws the whale back into the ocean, and it slams into a boat and sinks it.

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I'll contribute to a fund to get this gquy out of the US, but I want proof that he won't return.

What a winner. He used his scooter to steal over two hundred bucks from Wal-Mart. Which is a drop in the bucket compared to having begged for and receiving surgeries here.

These hams eat themselves to near death. Whine and beg to be forgiven. Get the help and repeat the cycle. Reminds me of a criminal who repents their sins and cons a church into helping them get back on their feet. Abuses that kindness and returns to a life of crime.

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No keep him, I do not want this kind of fuck back here. Can't you just tell the police there's a black man on a stolen scooter and hope he gets shot at night?

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That a one option. But we really can't afford the lawsuits that will follow.

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Baaahahaha yeah he's gonna return to the land of "you're responsible for yourself" yea sure

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From 980 lbs to 275 lbs back to 500 lbs. What the actual FUCK-??? When my weight crept up from 108-110 lbs to 114-117 lbs, you can goddamn well bet that was a wake up call. I lost that weight and have never gained it back . HOW does someone get down to a weight which (if still fat) nonetheless HAS to be an immense improvement over nearly half a ton , and then get back to around a quarter ton-??? HOW-??? WHY was creeping back over300 lbs not a wake up call for this idiot???

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Can we ship him to North Korea? I think in that socialist paradise, he can get the help he needs.