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Jesus Christ if you're feeling guilt about your eating then it's probably a sign that you're full and your brain and stomach are legit arguing at each other about what the fuck the major malfunction is with your hands, teeth, and jaws. Instead of continuing eating, stop and let this shit process. Fucking idiots are too dumb to even stop eating and be mindful for just a moment.


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This one actually had me confused for a few moments - I thought she was upset about the quote, which is actually a great quote, and totally true.

The difference is, I see "diet mentality" as being synonymous with "lifestyle change".

When you're hanging out with friends at a party and grab a handful of M&Ms, you should feel guilt - you're holding a handful of empty calories and sugar.

It's that guilt that makes you reflective... "Do I have the calorie budget left today to scarf down a few handfuls of candy with my wine? I do? Awesome, time to enjoy!" or perhaps "Damn, I really shouldn't be eating any more crap today, I've had a lot already," and that's the last candy I eat at the party.

That guilt keeps you honest to yourself, it should be welcomed and embraced, not ignored to the point where your spilling out of your clothes wondering why no one takes your "intuitive eating" advice seriously!

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A conspiracy theory created by the patriarchy to repress these brave souls who slay.*

*slay is yet another word that has hijacked by fats.


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Can intuitive eating even exist when there are advertisement for shit food everywhere? Go back a few thousands years and your intuitive eating won't tell you to stuff your face full of doughnuts. Clearly your "intuition" is unreliable and can't be trusted.


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And maybe you needed to work to get that food


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Never feel guilt,never feel shame. Those are bugs in people mind. Could you imagine a world without shame and guilt?

A fat,degenerate one.


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Ha! And this post is about intuitive eating too. So when your body is telling you you've had enough food in the form of feeling bad and full, you should power through it because that's just internalised dieting or some shit. Intuitive eating is now defined as ignoring your intuitions around food.


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My brain has this strange inability to comprehend bullshit.

I read, sometimes a few times, these ridiculous rants and it's all word salad.



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