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Racism has never been policed on FPH. It's always been a community-driven thing that racism tended to be downvoated. Especially now that we are on Voat, we aren't starting the slippery slope of trying to ban racism or antisemitism because that's exactly why we are here in the first place. OP doesn't have a habit of race-baiting so there isn't really an argument for keeping the peace and the post contains direct fat hate so it's on topic and relevant. Stuff like this doesn't need authoritarian policing, it just needs the community to decide what it wants to see.


[–] belil569 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago 

Have you checked the profile? You see it there. And censorship of racists was not why we left Reddit. This sub has always gone by the basic idea that you attack the fat because it's something they could change. Race is not something they can change.


[–] Carsandsarcasm 1 point -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

What people do on other subs is none of my business.

Racism was allowed on Reddit FPH. It was just attacked by the community because your statement was the popular one. No one was ever banned for being racist. We left Reddit because they decided to enact the exact kind of censorship you want to enact. They decided to ban racism and antisemitism and look where they are now. In fact, we were actually banned before coontown. The ideology you are supporting literally considered you more abhorrent for your hatred of fat than for the racists you oppose.

More to the point, let me explain what will happen. If we ban racism, I will have to ban people because they mentioned the Jews or blacks in their title. They are rightly pissed and they start reporting people for using terms like hillbilly redneck. "Cars," they will say, "this is a racially loaded term and so you must ban them for racism." It's petty, but it is exactly what they will do. I will have no choice but to ban the "anti-racists" for using a slur and now I have banned two people who were otherwise productive, contributing members of the community.

A better solution is to allow people to speak. The concept of people coming together with opposing viewpoints is in my opinion ideal. People should talk with each other and attempt to explain their position. That's how you reduce the polarising of society and produce a meaningful discourse. More rules are rarely the answer. The answer is for people to be adults and to ignore what they don't like.


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When I clown on kikes, I do it not because I believe they're racially inferior (I believe all humans are created in the image of God and therefore equally valuable); I do it because of their inferior and unjust culture and politics (which is racist, anti-freedom, anti-Christ and anti-human; something they should change).

I myself am of Russian Ashkenazi Jew heritage (by blood, not by culture); I find it dehumanizing and humiliatingly patronizing for people like you to automatically label any criticism of the Jews "racist" and "antisemitic," like the Jews are somehow retardedly oversensitive without the ability to take any criticism or joke.

While many Jews act like it, the reality is that all human beings have the ability to not act like a fucking pussy, exercise actual wisdom, hold their own ground without the need of wizardry and take things maturely, including Jews (all Jews who do fully live up to that ability don't reject Yeshua [Jesus] as the Messiah, btw).

All you're doing so far is signaling your "virtue" by making false accusations at the expense of the very race of people you're claiming to defend. That's like giving a beggar money in front of everybody just to steal it back from him later in a back alley. Do you not see how useless, corrupt and vain your efforts really are right now?