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[–] Blooperman 1 point 43 points (+44|-1) ago 

This. You wouldn't be cordial to anyone who lied to your face; that's exactly what a catfisher is: a liar.


[–] moistFUPAcheeze 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

Yup. Furthermore, you can't win. Anything short of worshiping their fat ass, they will take as an offense. I was catfished before when I was a fat sympathizer. Even though I was very polite when I turned him down and didn't mention the fact that he looked like he had gained about 100lbs+ from his pics, he changed his "about me" page the next day with some passive aggressive bullshit like "why are women so shallow" and "I deserve a good woman, where are they all?" blah blah blah. Fuck it. This is me now when dealing with the fats.