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Some kind of bot's comment:

Every goddamn time. This isn't a fat shaming sub. If you can't answer the question without insulting and reductive terms like "fat fuck" and similar, just don't comment.

We're not supposed to call a spade a spade anymore. Obeast steals part of a paying customer's seat, and all these dumb fucks are bawling their eyes out over "unfair treatment of that poor fat guy". Some people even claim the airline is the asshole. Obviously, the airline is trying to profit as much as possible from one flight – as any normal company would do – so they make the seats human-sized, instead of converting the rows into single seats and fitting maybe 30 (former) people on one flight.

Fats don't give a fuck though, all they care about is their own comfort and their beetus.


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It's all the huffing about how airlines "should have bigger seats available" that gets me.

They do, fatty. It's called First Class. Pay for the bigger seat and ride in it. "REEE that's more expensive" - yeah, it's a plane, it costs money for the space you take up.


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If they went to first class they would be subsiding the lower costs for economy fares.


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Top comments:

YTA, I think.

The problem here was that this large dude stuck you with being uncomfortable on your flight, right? Well, the $150 didn't make you any less squished in your seat, so it really feels like you just blackmailed this guy for being fat.

(the real asshole in this situation is the airline, IMO, but still.)

edit: this sub is for debating whether or not OP was a dick, not whether or not he was within his rights to seize an opportunity to get $150 out of a guy in a desperate situation. if you think OP is NTA, feel free to tell him. 700 copies of the same comments telling me what a cuck I am aren’t going to change my mind.

YTA. This is ridiculous. You made a scene and embarrassed the man and then made him pay you for a fraction of your seat. You are the epitome of an asshole.

YTA. You didn’t settle this privately—you humiliated the guy by involving the flight attendant and then demanding $150 to allow him to stay on this flight.

I understand you were unlucky in having to deal with an uncomfortable seating arrangement and he was technically breaking a rule but was it really worth the $150 to do that to a person? Demanding the money just makes you look like an opportunist.

Fat people. It's like their brains are wired differently and completely incapable of logical reasoning...

What happened to my Verified Shitlord flair? Jeez, I've only been gone for about 1.2 years...


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First off, how fat do you have to be for 1 airline seat to not fit you? I'm surrounded by smallfats and the odd mini whale in my daily uni life, but fuck me even they would manage to squeeze into a single airline seat if they had to.

Oh and, you can tell that everyone complaining in the thread is at least a small fat, and I would be willing to bet that the people in the row behind and the person unable to fit in their own seat were at least small fats.


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I ask myself this everytime I’m on an airplane! Even when I weighed 230 back in the day (5’9”F) I fit into the seat, with room to spare, and like 7 inches of seatbelt left... (belt extenders, a whole other mystery) you have to be super fat to not fit in an airplane seat!


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Why even bother giving reddit revenue traffic? And reddit is all fat fucks, that's nothing new.


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I mean voat offers a non-reddit link if you click into the thread. It was clearly a reddit link so don't be lazy and use the alternate link.


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OK fatass, the laziness lies with OP not posting it as archived link or non reddit link in the first place. Actually, it would be better if you just stayed in Reddit and we didn't shoot fish in a barrel by posting from Reddit, but you're here with your self loathing stinking up the place


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Honestly, good on him for getting some cash, but this does kind of enable the problem. Fat people will throw money at any excuse to stay fat. If you tell them they don't have to compromise if the give you $150, they will do it every time because they didn't have to change. If you hardball them and force the airline to eject them, you force them to face real consequences that motivate change. Still, maybe that's too big picture. Fuck fat people and he got half his flight cost.


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The amount of upvotes the dumbest comments have is infuriating


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https://snew.notabug.io/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/au9bkj/aita_for_making_an_obese_man_pay_me_cash_to_take/ :

AITA for making an obese man pay me cash to take up part of my seat on a long flight? : AmItheAsshole

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How come so many reddit replies about weight loss and fitness always seem to start with a disqualifying statement: “I’m 6’1”, and 230 lbs. Working down to 200, but not fat, and here’s my advice....”

No, you need to take advice, not give it. You don’t see the homeless offering sound financial advice, or drunk people offering sobreity tips. Its like a teenager posting about the dangers of distracted driving, from her phone, while driving.

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