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Amy Lee is one of the best singers I've heard Everybody's fool is great. Yeah she was more fun to look at before her kids but I'd go to her show anytime and if the cost of people descended from her is a few pounds muh

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I'm confused, I don't see any fat? No muffin top and her stomach is flat.

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According to google, she is 5'3 1/2 and 137, Thats a bmi of 23.9, What are the standards for the sub again? I wont say she wouldnt look better 20lbs smaller though

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totally agree. everyone here seems to forget that people with bmis of 23 and 24 arent fats, and yeah while theyd look better if they lost weight, this isnt the place to hate them

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Portuguese lesson for the day: "Ela e tao gorda" (she is so fat).

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I remember thinking she got fat years ago in that video where she walks over the table.

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