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While at work today, I decided to stop by Popeye’s and pick up lunch. I normally bring my lunch and try to avoid fast food as much as possible, but I got called in early and didn’t have the time to make it. While in line, I see that a larger woman is ahead of me. I’m not really paying attention until I hear the conversation she has with the cashier when she places her order:

Cashier: “May I take your order?”

Hamplanet: “I’d like an eight piece family box (spicy), with a large red beans and rice, and four biscuits.”

Cashier: “Is that for here or to go?”

Hamplanet: “Here”

At this point, I notice that she is standing at the counter alone. I then quickly look around the restaurant and observe that she and I are the only customers there. To my horror and disgust I realize that she’s ordering all this food for herself. I lock eyes with the cashier, who at this point is having the same reaction I am. He then pulls off a move so bold, that I had to give him a nod. As he’s putting her order on the tray he holds up a fork and asks:

“How many forks would you like?”

At first the Hamplanet pretended no to hear him, so he asks the question again, only louder. At this point the Ham Planet snatches the fork out of his hand and puts it on the tray.

“Only one.”

She then picks up the tray and waddles over to the fountain drink machine where she makes herself a sweet tea, and sits down. Over the course of the next 27 minutes, I watch her devour seven pieces of deep fried chicken, the entire large family serving of red beans and rice, and three of the four biscuits. She refilled that 32oz cup of sweet tea approximately four times. She only put ice in the cup during the initial fill up.

When I got home, I was so overwhelmed with morbid curiosity that I went on Popeye’s website to get an idea of how many calories she ingested. This is the tally:

Chicken: Seven pieces – Two breasts, Two legs, one wing, and two thighs - 2,450 calories

Two biscuits: 820 calories

Large red beans and rice: 690 calories

Four sweet teas: 720 calories (est.)

Total calorie count: 4,680 calories

It truly was a disgusting experience watching this woman slowly commit suicide. It was so unnerving that I don’t think I’d be a patronizing Popeye’s any time in the foreseeable future.


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Hey, it was just her cheat day decade.


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Was she still there when you left? I may be wrong, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if she "finished" and had to make up some complant in order to get some free food. Otherwise, I would've expected her to take it home to eat.


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I had to leave in order to get back to work. She wrapped up the last wing, along with the remaining biscuit, neatly in the paper that lined the chicken box. it seemed as if she was intending on taking it home.

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You forget that some fatties ARE family-sized.


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I could not imagine eating THAT much. I feel like a fatty if I get chips with my burrito. That amount is like more than 3 times my daily intake.


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I get the burrito just for the chips. I get the kids burrito (small bean and cheese) and a bag of their yummy home made chips and salsa. Then I eat half of both and then have the other half for breakfast or lunch.

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