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He complains about this because he sees himself as worthy, and yet no mate appears.

This doesn't make sense to me. You suggest that he is delusional yet made a meme that is self-aware. However you cannot be delusional and self-aware at the same time.

If there is any delusion it's the idea that you need all these things to attract a woman (plenty of women together with unemployed and useless or ugly men!). In which case my pseudo-analysis would be that this was made by a guy who lacks confidence (not just a little bit, but serious confidence issues that possibly require treatment) and tries to cope via perfectionism (believes he cannot be loved or get laid unless he is a flawless half-god, so why even bother trying).

But it could also be a normal dude who exaggerated to drive the point home or for the sake of humor. Or even ab alpha who really despises fat women.

Personally I believe a woman should be able to support herself

I recall a study in which they gave men and women a bunch of fake dating profiles and asked them to rate them. They randomly changed the professions and income. Profession and income had a big influence for how women rated the men but had almost no influence on men.

"Should be" is not the same as "has to". Would you reject a good looking woman who likes sex but is unemployed? Perhaps add "loyal" to it and chances are you do no longer really care about anything else. As looks, sex and loyalty are the most important factors for most men.


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Straight from the horses mouth.....


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Are you triggered?