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The comment about her posting what her real body from being a mom of two looks like pissed me off. Not every woman who has had children let’s themselves turn into a dumpster fire.


[–] BuffyTheHamSlayer [S] 1 point 27 points (+28|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Really pissed me off as well. Sarah Michelle Gellar may not be as fit as she was in her younger Buffy heyday pre kids and all, but she’s still reasonably fit and definitely human, because she obviously cares about staying healthy and attractive, not to mention being a good example for her children. You don’t have to turn into a blimp just because you’re a busy mom, even though all fats use it as an excuse to hoover up all the donuts.


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EXACTLY. You’re right on the money. Your body changing as a mom doesn’t mean that you just accept becoming a planet. You just eat a little less, make more time to exercise, add more veggies/less junk etc.


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"Oh, I'm getting off the couch two or three times a day for some Cheeh-tos chasing a toddler all day and burned tons of calories doing so, so I deserve this entire bag of Kisses! Tee-hee!"


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^ This. I had a cesarean, I have the "pouch" as they call it - the skin is tighter underneath than on top of the scar, making it stick out a little more, but it doesn't hang in any way coz I'm not a tub of lard, and it sits literally where your underwear does so even in a bikini no one could see it.


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There’s a huge difference between the natural effects of childbirth (stretch marks, scarring, diastasis recti, etc) and fork inflicted obesity. One is something you cannot control, the other is a by-product of a self inflicted state of being. No one faults amputees for having no leg, but someone who cut their own leg off you just don’t feel sorry for.


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Yep. I have two c-section scars. My stomach will never be flat again thanks to the stretch marks/loose skin and another abdominal surgery that left me with an uneven vertical scar--the skin wasn't stitched exactly together and the incision was crooked, so it's not great. And I had diastasis recti. But there's also not huge blobs of fat under that skin, so it looks flat under clothing.

Having children is not an excuse to become an amorphous blob. Kids don't make you sit on your ass all day and eat chocolate, tee hee.

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Every once and a while they come out with some "photography project" that is supposed to document the "reality" of postpartum bodies. There was Shape of a Mother, there was This is Postpartum, among others. The VAST majority of the features were just fat women (some of whom had older children, to boot). I am all for giving women reasonable expectations for the changes that can result from pregnancy, but these "projects" are just about celebrating "letting yourself go." It's gross.


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My ex carried three of mine, and still is one of the thinnest people I know. She was climbing mountains when 6 months pregnant.


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Isn't that a good way to have a miscarriage?