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We often mention words that fats have taken over and thus ruined, such as "curvy", "fierce" "fluffy" etc; but "queen" (as in this self described queen-size lardball) is one of the worst. What have the great women of historical monarchies done to deserve being lumped together with gluttons whose only rule is over the buffet table?!

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Great women? You mean the ones who were born with a title?

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I quite agree. ;)

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She makes the sun feel small!

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Since when did Big Bird become such a fatass?

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More of an oblate spheroid.

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Its arms look like an old, stretched, leather couch. The dress looks like it had to sew together several whole curtains because a single one wasn't big enough.

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I'm going to be harsh here:

Those arms look my mother's legs when she was overweight in her 40s.

Um; that is all.

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What diet is the owner of the account recovering from? A junk food mono?

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Every day is arm day. I curl or do triceps until I lay in bed at night with my arms stretched out in front of me because they ache! But my arms will never be that big!

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