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Hopefully she breeds with the effectiveness of pandas.

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G l o r i o u s

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She means both hands?

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Shoving Oreos in your gob all day doesn't make you a culinary arts student.

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If anything people who overeat actually tend to lose their more finer sense of taste. Actual hunger seems to really pronounce the taste of food, it also leads to one being satiated by regular portions as opposed to fats that just keep shoving whatever into their mouth.

Also what I found interesting in the times I've done a fast lasting a week or more was that although I had not eaten in many days that food high in fat and sweets were completely unappetizing to me. I usually dislike them anyway yet this dislike seemed to dramatically grow during fasts. Even when literally starving the human body doesn't want the shit that fats gorge on.

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It's called minimizing language, and it's used by people that recognize shit is fucked but they either can't or don't wanna do anything about it. You take common phrases/terms and obfuscate its meaning with either complex words or softer/clinical-sounding ones.

It's not a car crash, it's an auto incident.

It's not a company downsizing, it's an employee reduction.

It's not a gangbanger, it's a justice-involved youth.

It's not a crippled leg, it's a physical impairment.

It's not a pizza-faced lard-ass tub of shit, it's a panda/BBW/chunky-monkey/big girl/curvy chick with more to love.

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So panda = fat? It's the third time I've seen "panda" on these pathetic tinder profiles.

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Oh Mandy !

And you came and you ate and you ate without stopping.

Now your as big as a whale

Oh, Mandy

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Can't believe he's 75!

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This is a real "too close for comfort " face picture.

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Amen to that, imagine waking up after a wild night of drinking, completely confused.

"Where the fuck am I?" You wonder, looking at all the pizza boxes and empty 2 liter Mountain Dew bottles strewn about. A distinct odor of grease and mold wafts through the air.

You roll over and see that face inches from yours.

It smiles at you.

"Good morning, handsome. Enjoy yourself last night?"

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The horror, the horror!

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All I see Is a pufferfish with glasses.

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Bisexual (see also Asexual, Polyamorous, Grey Ace, Trisexual, Pansexual, Polykin, LBGBTIQ+++++, etc)

"I am mentally ill and will fuck anything with a pulse"

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Alternatively "no one can physically fuck me nor do they want to touch me so I figure I'd open up the ranks to better the odds."

"pls be fit and have abs i luv myself n i dunt wana be judged lol"

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Yep, that's why I added polykin. So her super duper libtard SJW friends embrace her "strength" and "bravery" to show who she "really is" when she fucks a dog or some other unwilling animal.

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Bless your little cotton socks. There are only two genders and all that “kin” stuff is attention seeking bullshit. That said, it’s very possible and not a mental illness to be attracted to the same sex or to both sexes, although it’s not as common as being attracted to the opposite sex. All mammal species exhibit these orientations, and many birds and some reptiles do as well.

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There are only two genders and all that “kin” stuff is attention seeking bullshit.

Be careful now, you are treading very dangerous waters with that bigot speak!

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This is like the 12th bio I’ve seen that some fat person has done where they name off all the exact same sedentary hobbies. All their interests revolve around sitting and/or cooking and eating. They must be given a thesaurus around the time they hit obesity so they can come up with flowery synonyms for “inactive and Obese”. FFS scribbling a story about the time you ate last on your Arby’s napkin does NOT make you an author.

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Cooking = popping some grease into the microwave and waiting for the ding.

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