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I think Piers is right: “I think you’re trapped in a hellish spiral of self-delusion in which your soaring fame and fortune is entirely dependent on you remaining morbidly obese”. Possibly what's going through the unfortunate woman's mind is that the only thing worse than unflattering attention is no attention at all!

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Piers was spot on with that analysis. Tess is truly so far down the rabbit hole that she has to keep up her obese charade otherwise she has no more gimmicks to make her relevant to the modeling world.

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Piers Morgan may be a moron when it comes to gun control, but he’s dead on with almost everything else. He didn’t even insult her and the fatties are angry.

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He's also fat, so he shouldn't be commenting on fat issues.

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'fat shaming' should be in quotes and morbidly obese shouldn't lol

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As much as I despise that smarmy fuck, he isn't wrong about her.

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I too despise that smarmy fuck!

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Do you despise every person you disagree with on something? No wonder the world is so fucking stupid today.

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It’s always the same with these smallbrains, “you don’t like it so you must secretly want to fuck it.”

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They have nothing else but sarcastic remarks to appeal to their drama-hungry fanbase. The cycle of dumb.

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Clearly she's deluded by her extended 15 minutes of fame. After she loses that and about 180 pounds, she'll be a true role model- instead of a rolling model.

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That disgusting beast is a "model," but only in how NOT to treat your body.

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You can't even have a conversation with these people about health - It's fatphobia or bullying. I mean, does this look healthy?

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