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There are a lot of things I like about LA, but holy shit everyone here is so full of resentments. And the truth is, a lot of them never made it in their field of choice because of attitude. Like that's what's holding them back, not some force (racism, sexism, snobbery, etc). I just can never get over it. My job job is something I do from an office/from home. My side job brings me into contact with the public. All the people I work with there put no back into anything, have no communication skills, and talk shit about people who are more successful than they are. So our interactions go like:

Co-worker: Ooh, he has a Rolls, has to park it in the special lot.

Me: I dunno, if I had that level membership, I'd want to use my benefits, too. I mean, he's paying for them.

Co-worker: (eyes narrow) Oh would you??

Like, this is why they're all fat and frustrated that they can't get anything done. Be nice, and operate without resentment for once. Christ. Someone having something doesn't mean they stole from you to get it.

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Sadly here in Melbourne, some people take that shit mentality to another level.

Oh what a nice and beautiful expensive car, what an asshole for having something better than mine, runs a key down the side of the car.

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Yes. Puts one off buying anything expensive. The victimhood movement has made people feel licensed to engage in such acts. Once upon a time people would have stolen a nice car because they desired and appreciated it, now they prefer to destroy it.

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We have cameras or people would totally do that.

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And in a similar vein, look at the discrimination, yes discrimination, attractive people suffer in their lifetimes - particularly from counter-staff. Discrimination against attractive people is an unrecognised form of discrimination but as any attractive human being knows - it's real and it's out there.

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I mean yeah, I'd do the same. Defo used the lounge at the airport when I flew first class, and drank the coffee and alcohol. I paid for it I'm using it.

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Oh man... I think that's an attitude most people have in most places. People are lazier and more entitled. Dumbasses should realize if you weren't so lazy you could have more. But they don't want to put any work into it. My fat sister is constantly going on and on about how she wants a house... wants a nice car... wants the fancy phone/watch/tablet.... but she puts no work into it whatsover. She gets mad and extremely jealous whenever someone has something she doesn't.

Also, she complains about money quite often when she tells me she spends more than $1000 a month on food or more, including going out to restaurants as well. For two adults and a toddler.

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to say "Im alive" and that I'm sorry for not being around so much lately. I should be around now more, but for a bit I had to focus on my health. I got sick again at the beginning of this year, and Im preparing to move as I deal with a multitude of other things.

I know some people inboxed me and they happened to be in my area around the holiday and wanted to meet, Im very sorry and I hope I didn't come off as rude by not answering, Im just seeing it now. Im working my way through my messages, be patient and I'll answer back.

I truly hope this didn't come off as "woe is me" or anything, that was not my intention. I just felt the need to explain why the last month or so I haven't been as active as usual. I'll be on often as life starts to return to a new normal, so if you need me, Im here. Feel free to page or message me should you need anything.

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I was about to pull a wank wizard and post a sticky announcing you died.

Real life is more important. Good to know you're settling down.

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Hi Duress, did you see the ping from the butthurt pigfucker?

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Oh lordy not that again lol

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Hope everything will calm down and that you return to full health.

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Feel better! Being sick sucks hairy ass donkey balls.

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My dear actively Hitler.

Don't feel bad for doing what you need to do for you first. I believe I can understand you quite good. People missed me and I'm just a normal user. Also, I feel also the urge to explain my not being around.

Even if you would post a "woe is me" post. Most of us would understand it. As long you are working for a better tomorrow, we should be cool with it.

Thank you for your work, best wishes my dear sister. (please be female, I really suck hard when it comes to identifying genders. So if I'm wrong, sorry.)

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@Achtung_Shitlord miss your albums bruder, they were good with coffee

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There really was no worse yet better way to start the morning 😂😂😂 aww I miss him.

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I am going to have to agree with you on tagging @Achtung_Shitlord Those albums were always a great way to start the day.

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I miss peripatetic. And her fit vs fat. I think I found her on insta but it's not the same 😢

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I'm so glad others thought of him. I miss those albums.

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I miss him too. I wish one day I would be as good as he was.

A new album will come soon (*). Like I always try to say. Your thoughts and critics are always welcome.

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@Carsandsarcasm, any updates on the Bugatti?

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No. The reason is that I am actually insane and my adherence to order and being methodical supersedes all other motivations. Back when I bought the model, I was playing Pokemon Ultrasun. I don't do anything else with my life until I'm done. Now I have completed the Pokedex and the Livingdex, but I bought books before I bought the Lego so the books must come next. Now I am doing nothing with my life except reading my backlog. Only once I have finished my reading will I build the Chiron. It's funny that someone among the tiny minority of people who can exercise moderation in eating exercises no moderation anywhere else in life.

I think a less crazy reason is that I find it hard to get properly involved in a hobby unless I give it everything. Something, something, "Never half arse two things. Only whole arse one thing." I always do hobbies in phases of all or nothing and they cycle back around. It's also good for training self control to resist getting started on that very tempting Lego build even though I was getting very tired of Pokemon.

Oh, I guess I do have an update, though. I was talking about doing a stopmotion video for the build. I actually bought an LED lamp so I would have good lighting because my general lighting stinks. But when I tested the camera, I found the refresh rate of the camera was out of sync with the electricity frequency and the pictures were full of those black lines. I could probably fix that by buying a fluorescent lamp with a super high frequency, but I did some thinking and ultimately decided against the whole plan (probably) because:

  1. As I said, I have a problem with hobbies and moderation. A project like this will take months and months and I would hate to loathe building something so cool because I shackled myself to the very slow and labour-intensive process of stopmotion.

  2. I have no stopmotion experience and the chances of getting it perfect the first time seemed low. At the very least, I should practice on something simpler before I try something so ambitious.

  3. Probably the most important reason. I realised that the only benefit of doing a stopmotion video is for internet points and that instantly made me feel like a moron.

Probably not the update you were looking for. At least you got valueless insight to my craziness! I'm a fast reader, though, so I should be through all these books in a couple of weeks. It's a hard question of whether I'm more excited to make this thing or for summer to FINALLY arrive!

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It's nice to hear someone else actually still reads books. I have so many that I have read, and shelves full of many I haven't. I'm not quite your level of crazy though! I go through phases. I will play ps4 for awhile, get tired of games. Then move to something like lego. Rinse and repeat with whatever takes my interest at the time.

I have never done any woodwork in my life, and that's my current obsession. I got bored with everything else, so I randomly went to bunnings, bought timber and so far this is my first project I have completed.

Book Shelf

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Me being greedy aside, I'm really frustrated with buying new workout clothes. I like loose tank tops for Barre but honestly? I am wearing smalls & they're baggy. Which I like but. Why are clothiers catering to people that don't even need this shit? I get it. But. I should never be an extra small. And it fucks with my head. I'm a recovering Mia & false sizes make it fuck up my head when I actually purchase clothing in the "true" size for me. 6-8 & mediums are what should fit me.

Sorry. I'm venting too much

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@Achtung_Shitlord, we miss you friendo. You always made for some danger in my pants.

or @R_Guilliman. Death to the false emperor.

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Sniffs and crys a little

We all miss Achtung

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But but girlyman is now kinda the false emperor. Oo :P

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It's been a while but I miss @leelem0n a lot. :(

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