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The funny part is that the quote actually is empowering. Being fat is an excuse which means you have the power to change and fix it whenever you like. That is far more empowering than telling someone they have no control over their own body. But of course if fats understood any of the issues they support, they wouldn't support those issues.

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If anyone really wants this shirt, just go to cafe press or zazzle of something. The phrase isn't trademarked.

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Just have it printed yourself online for like $15 to $50 depending on what your going for. Or take an article of clothing you like to your local screen printing shop. Eezy peezy

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We should all do this. Most people do not have $170 to blow on a top but getting the words printed onto a plain t shirt shouldn't be too expensive. I'm just fed up with fatting having tantrum over stuff because their fee fees were hurt and getting their own way. Let them have their fee fees hurt. Let the shitlords have their way for once.

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Shitlord is life.

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A $5 tee from target/walmart/whatever-shit-store you like and a sharpie will accomplish the same thing for just the $5.

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This is the one they get upset about? lol only because it's so fucking true and obviously so

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Damnit it take my money! i want this and would gladly spend 168.00 bucks to piss off some fatties.

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It seems like slowly, but surely, people are catching on that it's important — both from a moral and a business perspective — to make fashion more inclusive.

They may think it makes business sense, until they find out that fats either don't have the money to spend, or won't spend what money they do have (at least not enough of them to justify the cost of materials, production, distribution) on quality clothes - and I personally will laugh my skinny bitch ass off when the companies that capitulated and tried to cater to these deathfats lose money on it.

The context, however, is completely lost when the sweatshirt gets marketed on a sample-sized model. In fact, we dare say the context is completely changed: The comment is reinforced by the image of a thin, white model in the kind of messaging already spread by the fashion industry.

Lawl! Excuse me for a minute.

// Walks away, goes into laughing fits.

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If only it were more affordable :( Controversial sweatshirts are honestly my favorite thing, I’d i’ve anything to get one of those kent state ones that upset everyone(I think there was also one that simply said “eat less” in a pretty font that was taken off the market pretty quick)