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If you ever need a nerve damage buddy, feel free to reach out. I had a brachial plexus injury from my arm being left behind my head for a 14 hour surgery. Couldn't move my arm when I woke up and thought I'd had a stroke. Worse, I'm left handed. Took some occupational therapy (rubbing lotion on my hand and arm- god it hurt!) and about a year before I could really use it again. Unfortunately the nerve never did regrow, so my left arm is still numb in my index, middle finger and thumb up to part of my shoulder. Not completely, but like if you rub your skin against something and it gets tingly and feels like static. Coming up on 9 years with it at the end of the month.

Hope your nerve regenerates!

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Would be nice but they think it's essentially due to the degenerative vertebrae in my neck from either when I was homeless for a couple years and living in my van or even possibly due to my being almost two months premature as a baby. Still...even though my grip is laughable in my left hand, I still try to make it better every day.

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I really hope you sued that doctor :/

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What's disturbing is we know that the smell isn't just from sweat, yeast, mold but from the shit in their underwear that they can't/don't wipe.

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We need to start advocating for segregated gyms. We're half way there with Planet Fitness, anyway - that seems to be where lots of fats like to congregate. Now we just need to find a way to bar them from normal, human-sized people gyms.

Every now and then I'll see a shitlord or lady suggest narrower doorways, that might just be a great start.

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I do use Planet Fitness, but essentially due to a lot of complicated factors, it's my best option for now.

Still...for christ's sake, it'd be nice to not be gassed before I bust my ass on the weights.

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Have you and @SlowResponseTime considered working out at home? It depends on your resources and space, but I started out with a pull up bar and some dumb bells, then over a few months of buying a little here and there you can have enough for a full workout at home. There's a bit of investment, but you don't have to pay for a gym membership, deal with the drive or crowds and there's no fats to spoil your workouts.

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It's sadly the closest gym to me, too, and inundated with fat asses. I feel your pain, luckily, since I don't tend to aim for super fit, I can get most of my fitness done with calisthenics.