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Who goes to get xrays often enough for this to even be an issue? I've never had one. Is it a fat people thing?

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It is. Fatfucks spend more time at doctors than cancer patients.

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Obesity lead to cancer so they just double the chances!

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Oh no! You had to drive a few minutes longer!? You are so oppressed to live in a world where you can own a car and safely drive to have x-rays done for free and then complain about it on the latest smartphone!

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Go to the zoo. If an animal doesn’t need the imaging equipment, then it’s all yours. (Nasty pig)

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True story: If yo fat ass doesn't fit in our scanner, we literally send you to the zoo. Sauce- I do this for a fucking living you nasty pigs.

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"Thin privilege". It's called not being a fat fuck.

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Or my favorite: It's not "Thin Privilege" it's "Fat Consequence"

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I personally am all for fats getting x rays. In my dream world, anyone with an obese bmi would be required to get an x ray and be forced to stare at it every time they eat or drink anything.

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I hat to pay for xrays not covered by my insurance. It was expensive as fuck probably because the machine I laid on was larger than a king sized bed. Just send these animals to the zoo hospital.

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lmao the funny thing is that some smaller hospitals literally have to send them to the zoo if they don't fit

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Should be fucking centralised anyway - XRAys, MRIs etc are fucking expensive bits of kit. Only makes sense to have one covering a large area and work the fucking things 24/7 (and yeah I do mean 24/7). I for one would attend a scan at silly o'clock to get seen to quickly.

Not so sure about attending surgery in antisocial hours, more mistake get made, but something non invasive, sure. Could still schedule uncomplicated surgeries in antisocial hours though. Wisdom teeth, joint keyhole surgery etc, just maybe not heart surgery.

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whos fault is it? i dunno your vets i guess?