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They mistake any non-negative attention as romantic interest. Doesn't matter if the guy is dating someone, married, or gay.

In the mind of she-whales, "he's being a decent human being" actually means "he wants the pussy"

You can't ever give them that window.

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Correct. You cannot be kind to fats. Terrible mistake. That, and they lack self-awareness. So, they think that it's possible for them to be attractive.

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Right. In the mind of a fat, any friendly or polite interaction from any male of any status is interpreted as "proof" that "the men all luv muh curvezz". There is also the possibility that they dimly realize that they're far too repulsive for any normal, attractive man to want a relationship with, so they're making fools of themselves hoping for a one-off grubby, drunken adulterous dalliance.

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Fatties flirt like they eat, anything that isn’t nailed down or on fire..

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There's absolutely no way you will convince me that you could keep a fat from eating it's precious cheese sncks just by nailing them down and lighting them on fire.

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This is so fuckin true it's sad. I would say it's nice to have the attention, but then you have to actually speak with these hams. They're all depressed, usually drunk, and get waaaaayy to grabby.

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Maybe part of it is that they don't feel they need to fear rejection as much with a guy like that, and especially not rejection on the grounds of disgusting excess of fat. The guy already rejects the fatty by default because he's married, and so he will never have to say those painful words "you are too fat". Kinda like having a gay friend that you have a crush on even though you are female... it's "safe" to be permanently rejected by him, and to nurture your hopeless crush and enjoy a little bit of flirting. And meanwhile you are also fully occupied anyway by your dedication to your own real and true love: ice cream.

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astute... I think we're both right: if she gets rejected, it's only because he's married. if she gets laid, it's obviously because she's irresistably sexier than his wife.

[–] Veghead 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago  (edited ago)

I think the level of delusion that these obeasts have is pathological. Being polite to one causes mixed messages where they are deluded into a fictional love affair with the poor married guy who said, 'excuse me.'

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Its a lot of things, all of them stemming from extreme insecurity. Its the safety net of knowing that he is rejecting the pig because he is taken, not because the pig is repulsive. We all know its a combination of the two, but piggies convince themselves it is entirely the former, therefore reinforcing the belief that they are desirable.

It's also the chance to feel they are so desirable that even married men can't resist them. A lot of men who are desperately bored or unsatisfied in their marriage will fuck anything that opens up for them. Hogs take heavy advantage of this, as it makes them feel they are so sexy and good in bed that they can get anyone, even though they know they really can't.

It's also just practice for drawing in potential pigfuckers. Fats love gay men because it teaches them how to interact with a man, how to catch interest and hold interest until they are drunk enough to harpoon a whale.

This is the unfortunate mindframe of the average femayo. May it assist in your enlightenment and education. Sorry.

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Fat women are female incels. They keep trying even when they are in the friend zone. The late 30s never married secretary where I work would always flirt with a married guy until he was let go and I took over his job. That made her even more spiteful with me because I was single but communicated with her as little as possible. She flirts with every suitable male that enters the office whether it be customer or delivery man and yes the flirting fat woman boisterous laugh is god awful.

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This out of spite for human women. They're gonna prove theyre sexxxier than the other woman.

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This. Happened to my husband. He's nice and fun and a trashy sow though to give it a try. She couldn't resist long without showing that wonderful personality. He is convinced that she was just mentally ill. He's... innocent. She wasn't ill, she was a pure evil whore and I made sure she knew that I knew and I will not put up with her shit.

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An enlightening documentary on fat girl flirting.

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