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Panda bears get fat on bamboo, sea cows eat kelp, whales eat plankton and poor people stay thin on frozen pizza and soda. Fat people are utterly perplexed by this and they consider the calorie to be an unsolved mystery.

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Loook at its pained facial expression.

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Now, imagine it posing in front of mounds of cake and soda.

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You would need one of those super advanced cameras that can film a bullet penetrating through an apple, because that food wouldn't last long enough for a regular camera to capture.

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Beets and bok choy? Yeah sure. I bet its mouth wouldn't be closed so tightly if there was a pepperoni pizza in sight.

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There's a five gallon tub of ranch dressing there too, it's just behind it.

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Of course there's tons of fruits and vegetables there. Those are the only things she won't eat. All the junk food has already been inhaled.

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What is this fat trying to prove.... look at those arms its crisco

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The ironic thing is it is what livestock would probably eat.

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Comparing fat people to livestock is insulting to livestock.

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"Hey Billy come ere and take mama's picture with dis funny lurkin' green thangs!'

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