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I am glad the host called out the wheelchair comparison.

Also, Virgie must not know anybody in a wheelchair because, if she did, she'd know that most of them would LOVE the chance to walk again. In fact, many of them are working like hell to try to do it again! THAT is the primary difference between the disabled and the fat. Disabled people generally accept their current state but hope/pray/work for an eventual way to mitigate the disability. Fats want to wallow in their own piggy misery.


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You can't have a conversation with the likes of Tovar, they're too far gone. Tell her facts and she starts reeing about discrimination and bigotry.

On the bright side, it was radio because she's one of the ugliest people I've ever seen. Even losing weight wouldn't help.


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Vogue Tovar is someone people might say has a great face for radio, but I am honestly not sure. I can still feel her repulsiveness even without looking. The blind would be able to tell the room got uglier when she enters.


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I can't handle the voice since something unscripted still gives it the vocal fry and whiny entitled baby attitude. stomps feet "lissssten to meeeeeeeyyya!" You can usually tell an ugly soul from the voice.


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Yeah, she's definitely in the top ten FA uglies along with the Slaton sisters etc. Still, the way things are going she could be a Miss World contestant or be on the cover of Vogue or whatever in the near future. The 'war' on obesity can't be won; the rot is too deep and worsening by the minute.


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Of all the terrible analogies, it chose people in wheelchairs? You don't even need to be a shitlord to debunk that. How can you simultaneously argue that there are no health effects of being obese and compare their struggle to the actually crippled? Wouldn't that suggest fats are in a physically compromised position and therefore not perfectly healthy?


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"The data suggests.." You're abusing the data. "Bigotry!"

I made a comic about this ham. They act so proud but if you offered any fat activist a magic pill that would make them thin they'd take it in a second.



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Tovar is one of those who has failed to make the distinction between "can't" and "won't."

The science on weight loss is undisputed - eat less, exericse more, lose weight. They know this. But in their mind, because they themselves will not choose to do either of those two things let alone both, then it means that losing weight is impossible.

I combat this mentality with my little children all of the time. "I can't eat my vegetables." "Can't, or won't?" I say this to my kids at least once a day. "I think you can; you are choosing not to." I then present them with the consequences of their choice not to eat their vegetables. Eat them and be rewarded; fail to eat them and be punished. There is no neutral ground in my household. This is how you raise a person to understand actions and reactions, or choices and consequences. This is how you raise a person to have the intellectual capacity to realize how absurd it is to equate weight loss with impossibility because the subject chooses not to do what is required to achieve it.

I've heard say that it takes many years before a child is capable of realizing that the world is not limited to their own perception of it and can begin thinking "outside" of themselves. So many of these selfish fats we denegrate here on the regular seem to never have reached that phase. They act like children because developmentally they are still children.

If I were arguing with a fat who used the "long-term fat loss is impossible" line of argument, I'd respond with this basic gist:

1) So, hypothetically, you're suggesting that if I locked a fat person in a prison and didn't feed them, they wouldn't lose weight?

(if someone said no, they wouldn't lose weight on a 0 calorie diet then they're just trolling/stupid/not worth the time)

2) Okay, so we aren't disputing that starving to death is physically possible then?

3) Okay, so we agree that if a fat person voluntarily starved themselves, they would lose weight?

4) Yes, anorexia is bad. Not advocating that. Again, hypothetically.

5) Okay, so it seems to me the issue is that fat people have the choice of what to eat and how much to exercise. So weight loss is impossible because they lack the will power to choose to eat less and move more?

6) So I agree with you that for a lot of fat people weight loss is impossible because they lack the will power to do it.

7) Do you think that we should value will power in our society?

8) Do you think we should teach children to use will power to resist vices, force themselves to do what needs to be done even when they don't want to do it, and foster mental toughness to get through the hard parts of life?

9) Are fat people who can't resist shoveling too much food in their faces or can't get their asses off the couch just big children?

10) Should we give civil rights, responsibilities, and liberties to children?

11) Do you think we should hold human adults accountable for their behavior?

12) Do you think we should expect that human adults have the will power to adhere to society's laws and ethics?

13) Would you acquit a rapist who used the "I just couldn't resist" line of defense?

14) Do you think we should expect that human adults pay for two seats on an airplane if their ass is too big to fit in one?


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They all say the same thing: "If it was easy, don't you think I would have done it by now?" Always. All of them. They betray themselves: it's not easy to lose the weight so they don't.

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I was going to say the same. Her voice alone tells me she's not very smart.


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I don't know what kind of rewards they give to radio hosts, but someone give this woman the most appropriate one.


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So the beast says there is no way for a person to stay thin long term? But there's no problem for a person to stay fat long term? I hate her.

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