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1.) If she was obese to begin with, it was impossible for her or her baby to "starve." It is a well-known fact that the obese can live off their fat reserves for WEEKS, if not months. Even IF she was eating next to nothing (something I doubt) she and her baby were in no danger of starving due to her ample caloric reserves.

2.) She was 20 weeks pregnant (so about 4-5 months). Okay, I know for a fact (because I am pregnant) that you are weighed at every checkup. By 20 weeks, you've been to the doctor at least 3 (usually once to confirm the pregnancy and once a month after that). They discuss your weight at every visit. They show you the weight guidelines. When she says she did not know her weight, it's one of 3 options: 1.) she's lying 2.) She's one of those "hide my eyes from the scale" types or 3.) she had no prenatal care.

3.) She's 20 weeks, and they are already advising she not gain anything more. For a an obese woman, they actually recommend you gain no weight other than the baby, placenta and fluids (so around 10 to 20 pounds total). That's IT. So if she could hit 20 weeks having already exhausted the guidelines, that should tell you how huge she already was.

4.) You cannot just cut off WIC. I work with people on WIC. They cannot just cut you off will-nilly. It's an entitlement, which means you get due process. You would get a chance to challenge the termination, which means a hearing and appeals. Even IF they tried to terminate her, she'd be able to challenge the whole process.

5.) Finally, causality - she claims that she stopped eating for 2 weeks (again, I struggle to believe this). She then says 6 weeks later, she gave birth. What makes her think the two things are related? Does she have actual medical documentation that a nutritional or caloric deficiency was to blame? Personally, when the mother is obese, it's far more likely that high blood pressure was implicated, but try telling her that.

So basically, liar, liar, liar, stupid, stupid/liar, stupid

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  1. She definitely wasn't starving. The idea deathfats have of starving is always a riot.
  2. Yeah that struck me, too. She's lying because there's something she doesn't want to fess up to, probably that she had been warned multiple times previously to stop the weight gain while pregnant cause "Teehee, eating for two now." ...they're usually eating for five+ pregnant or not. (Congrats on the pregnancy! Wishing you all the best!)
  3. Heh!
  4. BINGO! She was so exaggerating and trying to villainize that nutritionist.
  5. Morbidly obese moocows have so many pregnancy issues it's insane. That whole damn post was to try to shed responsibility that she did this herself and that's what's so ugly about it.

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TBF "Gain too much weight, lose your benefits" sounds like a fantastic policy. And that's coming from someone who believes in social safety nets.

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Also can't smoking and certain drugs cause lower birth weight? I wouldn't be surprised if this piece of garbage was smoking and on drugs.

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The idea that an unborn child can live off of the mother's fat reserves is incorrect. Those reserves provide calories, but not the necessary micronutrients for the child.

But the correct prenatal multivitamin and very little high-protein food would probably suffice.

Most likely, the fetus wasn't getting the essential micronutrients anyway because the mother had absurdly high blood sugar and was eating nothing but empty calories. But of course, her fat never hurt anyone but herself /s.

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Right, plus if she really wasn't eating, any toxic substances stored in her adipose would affect the health of the baby & it's development.

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  1. I agree to a point except baby wouldn’t have gotten folic acid. I think folic acid is one of the few nutrients your body can’t make, so you have to get it from other sources like food or prenatals.

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Folic acid is actually only critical in the first trimester, from what I understand. That's why women are advised to take a multi-vitamin with folate just in case they get pregnant, because usually by the time you know you're pregnant, you're already well into the window where folate is necessary. The current medical guidelines actually only recommend supplementation with folate up to 12 weeks (going beyond 12 weeks won't hurt the baby, but has no added benefit).

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It wouldn't surprise me if in an attempt to lose some weight she took some kind of pills or calorie burners or whatever that fatties always use, and that that hurt the baby. But most likely the kid never stood a chance because the mother was so massively obese and unhealthy.

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LOL. She is the poster child for why to not be obese during pregnancy. She caused a premature birth and then a death due to being fat. Incredibly, however, not only does she manage to take no responsibility, she blames, of all things, eating too little! I can't even wrap my head around the mental leaps required for an obeast to conclude their dead baby is thanks to 2 weeks of imaginary starvation compared to a lifetime of rampant fatness. That's like never maintaining your car and then saying it broke-down because you cleaned it too well.

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She'll never be able to forgive the nutritionist but, with therapy, has somehow found a way to forgive herself - and in the process, convinced herself that she didn't cause her baby's death, it was the fat haters.

...but deep down, she'll always know it was her fault. At least she won't have to live with it long before the fat kills her, too.

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The nutritionist specifically said “Babies need nutrition, not calories.” Nutritional deficiencies are bad in adults, but can be lethal for a fetus. A pregnant woman’s body will preferentially give energy and nutrients to the baby, and if there isn’t enough for both then the woman feels the deficiency first. The old saying about losing a tooth for every child is because a mother’s body would sap its own bones for calcium to ensure the baby got what it needed if the intake wasn’t high enough, which would weaken the bones and often cause teeth to fall out. However, if the mother is very nutritionally deficient in the first place, there may not be anything to sap from her body to give to the growing baby. This is especially true for nutrients that the body can’t produce on its own. Hambeats are often malnourished despite being more than 50% blubber; if this one actually did stop eating (or, more likely, ate exclusively empty calorie comfort food during those 2 weeks) then it’s entirely plausible that the fetus wasn’t able to get the proper nutrients and that was what caused the premature birth. The fat fuck thinks the ~scary~ direct quote from the nutritionist proves the nutritionist is at fault, but I have no doubt the nutritionist spent their entire appointment try to drill the concept of nutrition through the beast’s thick skull. Most deficiencies increase the risk of stunted growth and/or premature birth - so, exactly what happened here.

Tl;dr - hambeast tuned out nutritional advice because muh fat shayming, “““starved””” itself (did not take in adequate nutrients & was already deficient), didn’t do any prenatal care except that required to qualify for extra beetus money, and the resulting preventable infant death is definitely totally the fault of the skinny bitch nutritionist

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Thank you for saying this and being so articulate. I'm not particularly versed in pregnancy so I couldn't put it as well as you have. This is a message fatties need to learn, but never will.

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No mention of taking prenatals, of taking other multivitamins. No mention of exercise, no mention of some weight loss anywhere. Yep totally the hammy’s fault.

I lost 40 pounds with my first son plus an additional 40 post partum. Got pregnant again relatively fast the following year and only gained back 40 pounds. Lost that within 3 months post partum plus an additional 30 through strict dieting.

The point is that despite having a unhealthy second pregnancy where I ate junk, I did my best to keep relatively healthy before the pregnancy, ate some healthy food and took vitamins. I followed every doctor’s orders to not push myself, to not risk anything by eating copious amounts of “no no” foods like sashimi, etc.

As much as I hated the weight gain with my second, it wasn’t about me. It was about my son. The pregnancy craving with him made me hate nearly all vegetables and go for carbs, the moment he was born, that aversion went away so I doubled down on the fruits and vegetables I missed so much (hello eggplant and mushrooms!).

Today my two boys are one of the healthiest and muscular children/toddlers I know. They use their legs a lot so sometimes I ask them to bring me something half their body weight, to work out those arms. It’s a sense of pride for me when I see my little future shitlords with abs and a little defined muscles :).

They definitely get noticed by other adults. I get comments all the time by how fit they look.

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Mom's like you make me happy. :')

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What the hell is ultra skim milk?

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A little less than just a bit off the top /s

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0% I think. I've seen it at the store, it looks like water pretending to be milk

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"forced to eat" is hamplanet speak for "I felt guilty about eating so I snacked all day and finally ate a big meal for supper and consider that starving myself"

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I'm pretty sure the baby realised what it was in for and decided to abort itself.

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Probably best for her offspring anyway. She's too stupid to raise a child.

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