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Funnily enough, that is clearly lipodema so a portion of it actually is fluid retention and she does have a condition. Far from all of it, and she is definitely obese, but certainly a contributing factor.

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Yeah it doesn't look like she would be obese if not for the giant sack of ass. But I'm sure the fat, no matter the storage location, would disappear if she ate less

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I don't know. Her top half I wouldn't describe as obese. Flabby and perhaps a smallfat.

It must be distressing to be that shape. It would be more merciful to be a round ball shape.

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It must be distressing to be that shape.

Yes, probably when a normal person realizes to have reached that shape would move his ass (literally and figuratively) and lose the weight.

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Holy Moly !

How long was she in that centrifuge for?

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How the fuck do they even find pants for such oddball body shapes? There seems to be an endless variety of horrifying fat distribution schemes.

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It's not fat, it's a condition, it's all water and bone. Stop being so ignorant.

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If it's not fat, and totally a condition, then why did you post its picture?

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She must be very popular in da hood.

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ass looks like a squirrel with stuffed cheeks

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I see someone built like this everyday I'm at work. She walks all slow and kinda struts as is having a weird malformed "ass" is something attractive?

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Was it smuggling inner-tubes out from the water park or something?

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Maybe she has a pair of English Bulldogs in her back pockets.

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