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What does it have to do with capitalism?

Fats can only exist because socialist healthcare policies and welfare and paying to keep them alive and fat.

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While I will never understand Americans' insistence about how bad universal healthcare is despite having the shittiest healthcare system in the developed world, the link to capitalism is pretty clear: Cosmo put that ugly donut rapist on the cover not because of their newly discovered wokeness but to make money by pandering to one of the fastest growing (teehee) demographies in the developed world: fat narcissistic women.

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As an American, I've only had extremely positive experiences with the healthcare system. I know it's bad that many people cannot afford coverage and all. I don't think universal healthcare would work here though, because there are too many lifestyle diseases (i.e. nobody really gives a shit about their health, but expect the government to save them from themselves). Also, Americans seem to hate taxes compared to other westerners, and always complain that taxes are "too high" already. I just don't see it realistically happening; people may say they want it, but they don't want to pay for it when it comes down to it.

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I'm not sure why they added that. Maybe it is moking the fats who sway towards "socialism" where little do they realize in a socialist state they would never be that fat.

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Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking as well.

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They may have just chosen it because it's closest to the title Cosmopolitan?

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Capitalism fuels rampant consumerism culture. Consumerism culture makes people consume more. This applies to food as well.

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You're an idiot.

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Kind of slimmed Tess down.

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It says capitalism because it promotes greedy and gluttony and overspending.

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Yeah nothing to do with capitalism, unless it's implying that under socialism everyone is starving (but I don't think that's what it;s implying). Here we have the rare anti-fat socialist SJW seen in the wild. Take photographs people, because these things are rare!

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Capitalism is why people are that fat today. Corporations put financial profit over any consideration, including health. Companies put out bad studies to sell food along with funding movements like HAES and the crappy government sponsored dietary guidelines. The elites want you fat, sick and unhappy so you are constantly looking for the next great product that will cure your problem. For most, their major problem is actually the consumption of too many calories, but telling people to consume less is not good for business. Instead they will sell you yet another pointless pill or gadget when doing nothing is what people actually need.

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You're a fucking moron. You're right though in one big way, if everyone was starving and dying under socialism, there would be no obese people. Capitalism may allow for people to get fat, but it doesn't make people fat. Undisciplined lazy fucks make themselves fat. I would rather have the option of excess, than be starving in a forced labor camp while those at the top are STILL fucking fat. All socialist and communist leaders are/were fat while everyone else starved... strange that.

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I'd like to see the hideous non-doctored images. If she's so proud, why not? Why appear Photoshopped to fuck? I thought you were 'effing' beauty standards.

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Oh yes please. It bugs me to no end that these disgusting fugly cheese murderers always shop the hell out of their pics. But cottage cheese fupas can't even convince the most retarded lardasses this is beauty with striving for.

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Made by Slayyy Queen

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I really hope she sees this.

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