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Why don't you beg for attention harder? I guess it's not possible to beg any harder than this.

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"it's a pic of my dog you creep!" (boner killing fat bags slopping into over half the frame)

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Neck tits are so physiologically bizarre since they're basically pectoral malformations. They're supposed to sit right on the pectoralis major muscle in line with mid sternum, not from your esophagus to past the xiphoid process. Plus, they just look so floppy and overly squishy. Perky, firm tiddies are more a sign of healthy breast tissue, which is a better sign of fertility.
* side note, you can pretty much always tell if a woman was fat, then got trim based off breast firmness.

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My first mammogram (for age reasons, not fear of cancer reasons) described my breast tissue as being extremely dense. I was worried this was some sort of problem/insult at first. Lol. Now I understand it’s why, even though I am not young and not small-busted, I don’t have neck-tits!

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Congrats on the tits! <3 I'm glad I got to help you feel more confident.

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"Kill me." -dog probably

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"Look at the dog and tits, not the face chub that is melting into face flab" -Fat probably

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When I was a fatty I used to think necktits were people with large breasts. It confused me how fatties with smaller breasts than I had necktits as I was an F/FF cup (USA size).

Now I know better (am back to CC), necktits aren’t boobs, they are lard.

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Alexander de Large, you've really let yourself go, droogie.

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Stopped stealing cars and ciggies in favor of more liquor and bonbons.