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I have a rule of thumb. If a person gets to be so fat that they can't clean themselves, can't dress themselves, can't get to work or get to stores to buy what they need, can't find clothes that fit them, can't fit through doors or into cars, can't wipe their own asses when they take a shit, and can't feed themselves, they should be allowed to rot to death in their own filth.

Because every one of these bloated hippos is enabled by other human beings. Once they pass the limit where they can fend for themselves and become just too damned fat to function in life, other human beings have to take over and act as their life support. That should never happen. Let the bloated monsters just die. It's the kindest and cleanest thing you can do for them. I don't care if they are your wife, your mother, your brother, your grandmother, your son, they have no business even being alive at that level of obesity. This problem is self-correcting. Let them fend for themselves, or let them die.

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Because every one of these bloated hippos is enabled by other human beings.

So true!

The crazy part is that some of them have children who then are raised to enable them further.

And regardless of what happens, some innocent worker is going to have to clean up their decaying bodies.

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Then it went home and kept eating. I guarantee it learnt nothing at all. You go to the doctor, not for a cure or advice, but to have the pain removed so you can continue to self-destruct in comfort. It should be illegal to treat these people.

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Canadian doctors just don't get paid enough to deal with this shit. The real reason why some American doctors get paid a lot easily is because of our nation's obesity crisis.

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If William S. Burroughs or Hunter S. Thompson were alive, read/then visualized this, and found out it was real? Even they would puke.

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Doctor doctor, my huge gluttony has made me fat, so I have huge health problems. What should I do?

Eat less and exercise more.

WTF you hater how dare you say that to me I'm going to cry into my 15x caramel pumps *$ sludge and post tears on social media, that'll show you!

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Give me invasive surgery or you have a lawsuit on your hands!

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This is so disgusting. How is it not a huge wake-up call when you can't even properly wash your own god damned body?

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I can defo see this happening. I have yet to be sprayed in the face by a boil but I've smelled all sorts of vile crap in folds.

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I mean tbh anyone over 300 lbs should be removed from society.

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Boooring. Let's make it lottery-like: 10% of the upper 10% of the BMI scale get removed by random chance every year until weights return to normal.

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