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Stupid fatty. I expect my doctor to be honest with me and provide me with sound medical advice.

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I love how they always say that there are all these studies out there that don't show a correlation between weight and health... but they never quote any of them or even explain what any of them found.

Talking real scientific studies, not "I read it on Tumblr from someone with a degree in gender studies" studies.

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If you can't bare to be weighed or even just hear your weight, that seems to indicate that your weight is affecting your life. It's almost as if you have an "obesity-related" problem in that you crash mentally at the suggestion of measuring your weight. Given that it is extremely unhealthy to be so disproportionately affected by tiny, incidental data, wouldn't that suggest that your weight is therefore unhealthy?

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"Doctor, I'm in complete denial about basic health concepts, not to mention physics."

Doctor leans to nurse. Just cash the insurance check, give her a Snickers and the one of the shiny star sticker books we keep for the tantrum kids. Call it our Body Positive Rewards Program or something. Figure we can soak a few more bucks out of this one before it vapor locks.

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I don't know what you're all complaining about. I have it on good authority from a HAES (TM) registered health professional that there is actually a correlation between weight and health. When you weigh between 0 and 3lbs you're technically dead,therefore the healthiest weight you can achieve is in the region of 800lbs.

There are some dangerously anorexic people in the 300-400 range but they can be cured with the deep fried twinkie diet.

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I wish these fuckers would just die off already. It's not like this fat empowerment thing is going to last another generation

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Remember the movie "Running Man" where they had this fat guy with an electro shock armour chasing fit convicts? Yeah, I have a roughly similar idea for a hit TV show with a slightly different premise.

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https://youtu.be/dYoiQQB8Zps Haha, obeast defeated by fit person when his scootypuff flips over.

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Dynamo and Sub-Zero were both fatties. I think Buzzsaw was fat too. I’ve seen this movie a few times.

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The doctor's name? Albert Einstein

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She’s for body positivity yet can’t even stand to see her own weight? Stooopid

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Hey I believe it could have happened! The dr was probably so tired of arguing with fats he was trying a different approach... just tell them what they want to hear and they will go away.

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