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I just saw this and was completely horrified. How do these people have no shame? Even when I was a fat I could only have put back maybe 1/4 of that, and I would never have done that in public. And to do it on 9/11, a day most people feel gratitude for being alive and not suffering? These things are fucking horrible.

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At 22, It would have been 5 when 9/11 happened. He probably heard some stuff in school about what happened that day but was probably too busy thinking about lunch.

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TIL: Most scales cap at 300 lbs, and fat shaming has no effect on this monster.

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Patriot Day.

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Sounds like the people in the office are trying to kill him as fast as they can. They probably had bets going on how much he would eat.

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My thoughts exactly. They hope it keels over in front of them so the person who served it the last donut can claim the title of Lardass Slayer.

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A "hole" pizza?? I saw that and wondered if it was some kind of disgusting pizza/doughnut hybrid with a "hole" in the center.

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You don't want to know how much he loves pizza...or what he did to it before stuffing it all down his gob.

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Haha, gross. Upvoat.

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Hole Pizza: It all goes down his hole.

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Duuuude if i eat 3 donuts (Amish market, they’re irresistible) I feel like I’m gonna die for the rest of the day

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How massive are his shits??! How can a colon process that amount of food at once? Couldn't it burst?

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How utterly disgusting. No one should be proud of that. I don't wish death upon people, but I wish people like that would just fucking die already. Imagine being self-aware of how gross you are, yet go out of your way to continue being gross and wear it like a badge of honour. Just drop dead already and stop wasting space and oxygen. Fucking mouth breathers.

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I visit my son once a year in Toronto. I'll have 1 delicious Tim Horton's doughnut. I'll enjoy it thoroughly but 1 is enough. They're filling and some top the scales at 400 calories. I can't even imagine doing 20 donuts.

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I could lol. But seriously my fav donut ever is the old fashioned plain from Timmie's. Which is literally just the dough. MMMMMMMM.

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