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Can these dumb fat fucks not choose clothes that fit them or do they gain weight so fast they can’t keep up with their expanding girth?

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Its the six tittied belly dancer from Return of the Jedi!

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Where even IS the skeleton?

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"IT'S" a tripod... "IT'S" gut is sitting on the ground.

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the suit is giant and she's still oozing out of it like a poorly sealed ravioli.

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Screw you. I was just getting excited about summer finally arriving.

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IKR? I am looking forward to Summer but... not this DX

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I wonder if when she is in the water, does it overflow?

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It does and thousands of people in Japan die.

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God, this reminds me of the jealous fat girl at my side job. Overweight, covered in tattoos, single mom, still lives with her parents, so frustrated that her life sucks. So many poor choices, so many opportunities to change, but everything is someone else's fault.

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