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I know someone who is always gaining and losing the same 20 or so lbs through yo-yo dieting because some people just can't understand that to stay normal sized you can't go back to eating like a pig.

She says shit like "I don't want to diet for the rest of my life" or "I want to go back to eating normally". She wants to believe her diet before was "normal" and not over-consumption. Sorry for the mini rant but I hate that bitch so much.

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Isn't it crazy?! They have some disconnect with their bodies actually being a consequence of their habits. Insane.

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Fat people are all nuts. They believe that "thin" people simply aren't credible when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight!

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What qualifies as thin to them? Being remotely human shaped?

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*anorexic bitches. Flaunting their shapley 270# forms at the beach while all of us real wymmins still face some consequences for our size.

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Diet forever = lifestyle change. Fats do not want to change their lifestyle because they chose the easy, greasy one.

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Nothing enrages bovines like the three words " Diet and excercise".

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Diet and exercise is oppressive to my lord betus

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Listen up, fatties. It took years, probably decades, for your bad decisions to make you as fat as you are now. It's going to take more than a week of "only half a pizza instead of the whole thing" to lose any weight. Given your complete lack of self-control, you might as well not even try. Mmmmmmm . . . cake!!

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Fat definition of "diet": Temporary restriction of consumption with the intent of losing weight

Normal definition of "diet": The long-term sum total of all your food/nutritional choices

All - I repeat, A L L - evidence for the HAES assertion that "diets don't work" stems from the difference between these two definitions.

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So true.

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I don't think weight loss is just a matter of having the right mentality or the right thought in place. It takes a certain kind of right-willing and making choices that are directed towards improving oneself that allow one to lose weight and oftentimes it takes a certain kind of consciousness that is deeply tied down to oneself and to a certain kind of appreciation for reality/society and a kind of morality that directs oneself towards living for a greater level of self-enlightenment. Its all pretty simple, but putting the idea into application is very complicated to say the least.

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but putting the idea into application is very complicated to say the least.

i dont believe that to be true. all it takes is a desire to want to change, the rest can be learned or follows along with the desire. being able to complete an ironman is a lot harder than losing weight, but again not complicated. the things people can do when they set their mind to it and have the desire is incredible, these fatasses just want to not try because they are too happy stuffing their face all the time

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All the information they need is easily available for free at the tips of their greasy fat fingers. They'd rather be ignorant and lie to themselves and to their fat friends. If they weren't so disgusting to look at, and if they weren't running up the cost of my health insurance, it would all be really funny. Hopefully they all die soon. Fat piles of shit.

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