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What is it with these fatties thinking they are some sort of embodiment of nature and truth, when in fact they stand for everything that is against it. These people have no sense of self. There is nothing about liberating or freeing about their own lifestyle and physique.

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Jesus. This doesn't even look real. Imagine lying down on your side and having your stomach extend so many miles beyond where it should end. It looks like an egg with legs.

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exactly my thought, I'm honestly shocked by this image. I can't breathe imagining that was my body, and the pose only makes it worse.

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By the way, this is what a human looks like in a smaller nest for scale. The rest of the photographer's images in nests feature small fats and regular obeasts though. This was the only vaguely human one.

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Thank you for the eye bleach. You're a good man.

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What the fuck is with this "don't label me" and "don't judge me" shit? Labels exist to identify something, and if you supposedly deny being label, then you unwelcome unidentified, which is still a label. Everyone's going to judge you, sweetie. It's called forming an opinion of someone. Not judging is still technically judging, since that only happens when you don't give two shits about the person, so they judge that you're not worth caring about. Especially if you're as abnormal as this egg human hybrid thing. Queer means weird/abnormal as in outside what we are used to, hence you're going to get weird looks and judged harsher. Don't like it? Too fuckin bad *that turned into a bizarre rant about logical fallacies, when I only meant to make fun of the dr. Eggwoman.

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Not to mention these people are the ones that label themselves with thousands of labels. They love labels, just not the ones that are accurate.

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I like the Sonic reference. ;)

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That story didn't mention a success with the birds. Does that mean it is so fat and disgusting that it couldn't get birds to land on a feeder for free food just because it was watching? If you go to the beach, seagulls will eat from your hand. How much of a monster do you have to be to repel a seagull's enthusiasm?

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LOL, I was also reading and waiting for it to talk about the day a bird landed and stole some of the bird seeds she had been hoping and planning on eating later

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I'm sure the birds were terrified it would try and eat them.

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Even from here I can clearly see that she can’t possible be able to reach her ass to wipe.

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The only bird interested would be a vulture after Lord Betus calls.

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I read "I am not a harm" as "I am not a ham", either way, pretty fucking delusional.

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