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I'm generally not that critical of normal people with the "dad bod" who are realistic about it, know they could be in better shape, but it's just not a priority for them. You work a sedentary job, commute in traffic, have unplanned errands, help the kids with their homework, and still want to have some relax time and going running or to the gym isn't fun to you. Whatever. You're not causing the problems of the obese so fine, I guess.

But I fucking hate that it's now trying to be turned into some sort of badge of pride. It'd be like taking your kid out to celebrate because he brought home straight C minuses on his report card. "No Fs, son! Way to go!"

But everyone gets a trophy these days.

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I'm a busy father of 3, but I still find time to exercise and I eat right. There is no excuse to have a "dad bod", which is just a nice term for male smallfat.

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From the "5 Reasons" article: "Sometimes fast food is your only option." Oh just fuck you. What a lie. Can you please explain to me how I've gone almost a decade without eating any of that slop?

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People like the dad bod in the same way as people like their budget holiday in a 3 star hotel, or their new 5 year old secondhand hatchback, or their surprisingly not uncomfortable jeans from Target: they are easy and accessible. People who are in no position to demand the best lower their standards so as to be impressed by the mediocre. It is actually a decently healthy mindset, but it does not make mid range things the best. You settled. Stop lying to yourself.

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Whoo, scathing take on this issue. I like it. I think you're largely right.

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Can this just be a safe space where I can hate fat people without you jamming your race and trans shit into it? Like it's just boring and I don't care.

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100% agree. This is fat people hate, not black people hate, or gay people hate. We are all here to hate on fatties, so can we just stick to hating on fatties and leave the rest out of it? We're all human for fuck's sake. The racist shit on here lately is really starting to piss me off. There's good and bad in every "race" because at the end of the day it's more about what you choose to make of your life as a person than what you look like. Hate on fat people for their choices, not people who are actually born a certain way and actually can't change how they look.

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Yes please....

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There's nothing wrong with other races. But there is something deeply wrong with the narrative being peddled at white European women, which is a push to marry a man who is not white.

And the trans shit being sold to society these days is horrific. They are encouraging parents to take little kids to drag queen reading hour - or participate in drag shows if that's what they want. They are pushing parents of "trans" kids to let their child go under the knife and mutilate their body, or flood it with hormones and puberty blockers. The trans community are pushing their way into women's bathrooms and changerooms, women's sports, and women's events. It's a huge problem.

And obviously you do care, at least a little, or you wouldn't comment.

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I care because I don't want to be overrun by bores who just spray hate in all directions.

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It's voat not reddit. Speech isn't censored here. If you don't like it, go back to plebbit where they banned you.

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You're literally trying to censor me. Do you not see the irony?

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Fuck you, planet fitness.

At best, dadbod is average. Look at all of the average people around you. Average in school won't get you into a good University. Average in sports won't get you that scholarship. Average in the workplace won't get you that promotion.

Average is FAILURE.

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Inbreeding. Now I understand why you're fucking retarded. Remind your sister to take her pill.

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Wow the salt is real. Haha, fucking fag.

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Said the cum dumpster fire.

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Probably many things at play, IF true. A few may be...Fatties don't feel comfortable about themselves when around a fit man(tho some fine with toothpicks). Sign of weakness, lower self esteem (& testosterone level) than a fit, so easier to push around. Won't get eyed by younger hotties when out on a date, unless this IS a real trend and others want a daddy (tho prolly more to do with $ and maturity). The reason this is being pushed by fits, tho, I agree. It's the same reason that owners/CEOs of garbage food companies only buy the best/healthiest organic food for families.

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