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That is brave. Super brave. I'm 6'2' and 195 pounds and I hate cameras even with clothing on. She's 5'2" and 12,000 pounds naked and loves the camera. I think reality has lost its touch. Delusion seems to be the new existence.

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its being used by society for its blabber, it has its own 5 minutes of shame on line and its going back to the fridge where it came from and most likely will die there soon anyways. Let it live, its a majestic creature spreading itself in the sun. Follow that light oh fat mutant.

[–] shadow332 [S] 3 points 3 points (+6|-3) ago 

The degenerate tattoos add to the whole look.

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She is in a pool of mud and shit she belongs.

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a pig in its natural habitat

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exactly what i was thinking, she looks like a prize hog having a roll in the mud

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Looks like someone deserves to be swimming behind a tank in some aquarium somewhere. It is sad how these people treat their body. Why do people consider this beautiful? How have we become so debased?

I think it is multi-culturalism and a kind of Communistic element. The feminists must hate this kind of stuff though to a certain level, even though they permit and even encourage this kind of frolicking, largely because they resent white male dominated culture.

There is nothing brave about this, as some touchy-feely weird people think, but it is generally speaking an act of sheer nihilism and stupidity. This is just against basic morality and any sense of staying in touch with reality. Put her to work on a farm and she might straighten up a bit.

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Nobody considers this beautiful, not even themselves. That's why they constantly seek validation from the people around them. Most of the time it is other fat women cheering them on, because to admit that someone else is fat and has a problem is to admit that you have the same problem. They always call posts like this "brave" because they are projecting the fact that they actually hate themselves and think that they are ugly and worthless. They believe that it's society's fault that they think this way, rather than accepting that it's no one else's fault but their own. They like to talk about how confident they are, whilst simultaneously admitting that they find it difficult to love themselves in their fat bodies. In reality people are obsessed with making themselves feel good, and that is where this mentality of fat acceptance comes from - they are trying to make themselves feel better. Basically instead of doing that by the normal means of actually bettering themselves, they are settling for less because they are lazy, and demand everyone else settle for less too so that they can justify and feel good about their decision to not be a better person.

Multiculturalism has nothing to do with this mentality, and it is definitely more of a communist way of thinking. That everyone should be the same with the same things and not strive to be competitive or better. This all springs from the idea of keeping feelings safe, regardless of reality. Rewarding all behaviour, rather than just the best behaviour. Giving out participation prizes just for showing up so people can feel good about themselves. Basically, they just want to eliminate competition because they can't compete, and can't be bothered to get better in order TO compete.

You're right that it is a disassociation from reality that is causing this kind of thing to run rampant. These people can't deal with reality, and are addicted to sympathy from others. They will even go so far as to ignore common sense or advice from people who know better by taking the moral high ground and playing the victim through their imaginary oppression olympics.

Truth is, it's just an absolute lack of self-awareness, logic and common sense, mixed in with laziness, self-pity and attention seeking behaviour that is being reinforced by others in the same boat. They don't want to better themselves and they don't want anyone else to either, because that means that they have to feel bad for being left behind with their shitty life choices. That's why there is no sense in trying to help these people. They don't want to be helped, they just want to feel good about their mediocre lives. Best thing you can do is ignore them. Most fun thing to do is call them out on their bullshit XD

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Yeah, as soon as someone describes another person's picture as "brave," there's probably something wrong with it being shared on the internet, haha.

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Definitely not multiculturalism to blame. Most of the planet is chock full of Shitlords.

Instead of resorting to confirmation bias, just assume its American pop culture destroying a generation(I'm American I see it seeping everywhere).

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This one is almost ready to make her final transition to death fat. She was a larval beetus when she was younger then advanced on to manatee beetus. Now she has moved on to the 6th sense beetus, slipping in and out of consciousness via beetus induced mini-comas throughout the day. The next time they bring the McRib back.. this bitch is done.

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Creature From the Black Lagoon

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More likely the Black lagoon from the creature...

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Foot is about ready to rot off.

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Foot? By 'foot' do you mean her whole fucking body?

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By 'foot' , do you mean 'tonne' ??...

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she already looks dead no bullshit. her body is all splotchy like she got livor mortis.

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Brave is like curvy. It is code for shameless in the same way curvy is code for landwhale. There is nothing truly Brave here. I am honestly surprised hams don't consider it an insult to be called brave because the intent is so transparent.

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Using the word brave literally proves how insecure they really are. Bravery implies that you are facing your innermost fears, but if they are so confident and love themselves so much, then why is it considered brave of them to post pictures showing how confident they are and how much they love themselves? They have no self-esteem therefore they have no shame.

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What was once a circus freak is now normalized. How have societal standards fallen this far?

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