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Women are property, not important.


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I am on equal par with my male peers, not more, and I am not entitled to male affection or better treatment like some do.


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I am on equal par with my male peers

not that the person you replied to is right, but i dont think this is right either. this whole 'equality' myth does more harm than good imo, women are better at things than men and men are better at things than women. instead of man&woman being complementary to make a better well-rounded team, we have this competition of 'im equal to you' going on which does harm to both genders

but as for the latter part of what you said relating back to the fatass in the OP, i think a lot of girls (even fatasses) have this unrealistic standard of what they 'deserve' now because social media and tv/movies. we see so many pics posted here about fat girls cartoon of them with a skinny fit guy, they really think they are entitled to it because they are soooo unique and special (they arent)


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I'd bet anything I could find a long history of incel posts from you if I tried.


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>anyone I disagree with is an incel