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Sounds like the waiter was just being polite, doing his job, smiling, being friendly with the customer (all required things when working with the public). Fatty decided to infer that his kindness was flirting. Fatty then decided to make an uninvited advance and when he turned her down (citing his girlfriend) moocow whined that she was led on. Now somehow, some way, now the waiter is the bad guy. Then the reply from some other likely superdeathfat about how moocow should have tied up his section, not tipped him, all to be a terrible inconvenience all because he dared not to be attracted to her and cheat on his girlfriend with her.

But the best part? Flip the genders in this story and there'd be a long string of comments about how "creepy" that male customer is for treating the female waitress that way when she was only doing her job. And that would be correct! It would be strange and ill-mannered. That they refuse to see when they're engaged in the same creepy behavior makes them a laughing stock.

Hypocritical moocows.

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It's either double standards or no standards.

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Spot on, as a waitress I can say people who hit on waitstaff/bartenders are scum. Its like... I have to be nice to you fuckface, please don't take advantage of that so you can say inappropriate shit to me. I don't like you, I probably think you're a fat fuck.

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"you dont like me? let me be as petty and impulsive as i can be, which is also how i got to be obese"


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Part of the problem is we keep teaching girls how important they are.

They just expect everything on a silver plate. So the fat arses really don't understand why they are rejected sadly.

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Now the dumb ass realizes what Hooter, cocktail servers, strip club and the girls of like places feel. You flirt for that fat tip and that's exactly what the guy was doing.

Nah, who am I kidding, she will never realize.

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The odds are very high that Fatty McFats was greatly exaggerating how much this waiter was allegedly flirting with her so she could really try to play up the victim card.

I'm not disagreeing with you, you're making a valid point about how servers get tips - I just don't think the dude was leading her on as much as she's implying.

That said, I do appreciate the hustle and always leave a nice tip.

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Dude probably just put on the fake smile knowing fats don't tip and it was going to be a chore of a table with lots of special requests and extra refills.

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Heh. "Fat" tip.

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To be fair, it's easy to understand the problem. No one has ever flirted with her so she wouldn't know what it looks like.

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Perhaps she assumed people who bring you food are flirting.

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Come on? Seriously? A fat person could sit at a restaurant all night and only get refills on beetus juice? hahahhahha! riiiiiight!

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Wait staff is paid to be nice, smile, and pretend to be politely interested in what you have to say.

These fat chicks remind me of the “nice guy” posts I see. They think if someone’s remotely nice, or smiles at them or something, they must want to bang. I understand that in some countries eye contact/smiling/etc really is interest, but not here (people in the states are weirdly into smiling at everyone).

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The only numbers he wanted were on the tip line you dense motherfucker.

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She was totally reverse-raped. We all know hot guys only exist to serve and provide sex for ugly obnoxious lard-filled feminists.

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